How To Get French Girl Style At Any Age

How To Get French Girl Style At Any Age

What is it about the French girl style we all seem to be obsessed with (especially me)? It’s almost as if the entire world wants to know how to emulate that style the French have perfected.

The French just seem to know how to make it all work from the messy hair and red lip to the perfect stripe and trench. They truly have that je ne sais quoi, that we all seem to want.

You don’t have to be a certain age to get French girl style. That’s what’s so appealing about the way the French dress. They choose timeless classics that are chic at any age.

The look is very simple and attainable yet they follow very easy rules to live by when it comes to style. Learn how to master these style tips and see how you can attain that French girl style at any age.

What Is French Girl Style

French girl style consists of simple, chic, and timeless pieces in your wardrobe. These are pieces you can wear over and over and for many years to come.

French women choose to invest in quality pieces but have less clothing in their wardrobe than most of us. They don’t flaunt logos, or expensive pieces, or wear distracting colors.

French women are confident in not only what they wear but also in how they carry themselves. They would never wear something that would make them uncomfortable and they don’t follow trends.

How To Get French Girl Style At Any Age

Keep reading to see how you can attain French girl style at any age with these simple style tips.

I should also note that I am not French in any way, but since I have a slight obsession with French style, I have studied these style tips over and over.

The most important thing is to always feel confident in how you dress because there’s nothing more beautiful than that at any age.

Invest In Timeless Pieces

French women invest in timeless and classic pieces they can wear for years. They don’t just buy clothes like we do here in America to fill our closets or because the item is on sale. They wear pieces over and over through each season and don’t feel the need to have the latest trend.

French women are thoughtful when it comes to dressing and purposeful. Invest in something like a beautiful trench, comfortable flats, a silk top, and jeans and you will be wearing those same items for years.

If you look at French women of all different ages, even older French women, they all look elegant no matter what because they all believe in the same fashion philosophy of investing in timeless pieces to always look stylish and chic.

The biggest French icon of all was the one who said, “Fashion changes, but style endures.” – CHANEL

Wear Neutral Colors & Basics

Buy lots of basics to fill your closet and wear them in neutral colors. Purge your closet and get rid of anything that doesn’t suit you, looks dated or disheveled and you wouldn’t be caught dead a year from now.

Great basics are the staple of any French girl’s style and are simple to achieve. Start with a white button-down, leather jacket, and silk top.

Stick to neutral colors like black, white, and navy. This will help you be able to wear different outfits and mix and match.

Nobody does neutral colors better than Emanuelle Alt who is the definition of French girl style. You will always find her in neutral colors with a mix of basics but she always looks incredibly chic and timeless.

Other French style icons who embody French fashion are Carla Bruni, Carine Roitfeld, and Inès de la Fressange.

If you feel the need to add color then sprinkle it in with a bold red lip or accessories like a scarf or handbag.

Embrace Your Signature Look

When you think of women like Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, and even Kate Middleton they all have a signature look. Once you see them you immediately know who they are from the way they are dressed.

French women are very confident when it comes to their signature look. They feel good in what they wear and would never wear something that didn’t suit them, but again it goes back to investing in timeless wardrobe pieces.

To read how to get your signature look, check out this post.

Detail Is Everything

Along with your signature look, detail is everything too. Pay attention to how your clothes fit you. Learn what styles flatter your figure and which ones you should stay away from.

Part of a French woman’s confidence is they know what looks right on them and what doesn’t. Just because an outfit looks good on someone else doesn’t mean it will look good on you. However, don’t be afraid to visit a tailor for a perfect fit.

Undone Elegance

French women’s style is all about being effortlessly chic and having an undone elegance about them. You will never see a French woman wearing something with logos all over their clothing or handbags.

They tend to stick to one statement piece per outfit, whether a handbag or shoes, but that’s all, and they never over-accessorize. Their jewelry is very minimalistic with maybe a gold hoop or delicate necklace.

No matter the age, it’s easy to attain French girl style with a few of these style tips. In no time you will be looking chic, timeless, and always classic. French girl style is for everyone.

How To Get French Girl Style

  • White/Blue Button Down- Wear it oversized as this one or more tailored.
  • White Tee- I love the Conrad version from Sézane and the crewneck from Everlane.
  • Black Blazer- This could be plain black like this Willa Blazer from J.Crew, more of a tweed version like this one from MANGO, or this longer tweed jacket from J.Crew.
  • Breton Stripe Top (marinière) – My favorite one is the Colette from Sèzane, I take a medium.
  • Silk Top – Love this Chlo version from Sézane.
  • Wool Coat – I wore this James Coat from Sèzane all Fall and Winter long.
  • Trench Coat – Great classic options from Sézane, Banana Republic, and Mango.
  • Trousers- Try a wide leg or straight cut like these.
  • Jeans- Wear a pair of flare jeans or straight legs for the ultimate French girl style.
  • Little Black Dress – For evenings try a silk version like this one from VINCE.
  • Leather Handbag – A crossbody is very French and perfect for all the essentials.
  • Sneakers- Go with white sneakers like Veja, Converse, or Stan Smith like the Parisians do.
  • Ballet Flats- The essential French girl-style shoe. Invest in a classic pair like Chanel or Repetto, or M.Gemi. If ballet flats aren’t your style then go with a loafer.

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