My Favorites- Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

When I asked on Instagram the other day what you wanted to know about some of my favorite things, you guys had some great questions. I didn’t get a chance to answer all of them on IG, so I decided to put them all in a blog post. Enjoy.

1. Favorite Travel Outfits

I can’t really say my travel outfits are much different than what I wear everyday. I don’t typically wear leggings or yoga pants for anything but yoga. So, you won’t see me traveling in either. I like to be comfortable and it also depends on the time of year that I am traveling. In the warmer months, I wear jeans, easy top, and sandals. In the cooler months I will wear sneakers mostly and sometimes boots. I make sure to always travel with my Mer Sea wrap wherever I go though to stay warm.

2. Favorite Corner Of Our Home

When we moved into our home, and I saw the gold sconces and crown molding on the walls, I immediately knew this was our house. These elements reminded me of a Parisian apartment and even though the house needed so, so much work I knew it would be worth it based on these two elements.

3. Favorite Swimsuit Brand

Swimsuits are one of those hard-to-find items that I honestly don’t love shopping for. I have found Summersalt and J.Crew swim to be the most flattering for my body type. In Summersalt, I love the Ruched Sidestroke and Ruffle Oasis Bikini to fit the best(I size up one). At J.Crew, I prefer the Ruched Full Coverage (I take my normal size). For coverups and wraps, I always go with my classic Mer Sea Linen Wrap and Mer Sea Essential Shirt Dress.

4. Favorite Non-Designer Bags For Day and Night

Some of my favorite non designer brands for day and night are Madewell, Clare V, Cuyana, and Mango. As long as it’s a quality leather bag in a neutral color you can’t go wrong with either one. For the day, go with a nice crossbody to stay hands-free, and for nighttime, go with a black bag with chain detail to make it chic. You can find all the bags linked here. The only bag, not linked is the number one mini in sand from Polène Paris.

5. Favorite Handbag

This was a tough question to answer because I love all my handbags but the ones I use the most would be the Celine Micro Belt Bag and the YSL camera bag. Both are incredibly versatile, go with everything, and hold all the essentials I need. The Celine Micro Belt Bag holds more as it’s a bit bigger but not by much. I’ve had the Celine Micro Belt Bag for 4 years now and it’s held its structure very well. The YSL is a newer bag and I’ve actually been surprised how much it’s become one of my mainstays.

6. Favorite Luxury Item

Besides my handbags, which are definite luxury items my other luxury items are my shoes. I purchased these Chanel ballet flats second hand but I still consider them a luxury item. There are certain items that are worth the investment and these ballet flats are one of them. They are comfortable, classic and I will still be wearing them years from now. You don’t always have to pay full price for the item to be luxurious. You can find them second-hand on sites like The Real Real, Tradesy, and Poshmark.

7. Favorite SkinCare Item

Eyecream is my favorite skincare item by far. I am not sure but I have been obsessed with eye cream for years. I have used several different kinds but the one I have been using for the past couple of years is from my dermatologist and it’s called Neocutis LUMIÈRE. You can read all about my favorite skin care products for over 40 that I use and here and my favorite French beauty products here.

8. Favorite Restaurant in Paris

One of my absolute favorite restaurants in Paris would be Ralph’s at the Ralph Lauren store. I know it’s very American but you sit in the most beautiful outdoor courtyard with the most beautiful dinnerware. The food is incredible, elegant, and true sophistication. Plus, everyone around your is speaking French so what could be better. My favorite café is Café de Flore which is right across the street from Ralph’s. I love to sit and people watch here with an after dinner cocktail.

9. Favorite Place in Chicago That Feels Like Paris

We try and visit Chicago once in the Summer to visit friends and spend a few days in the city. Our favorite places to visit are the Art Institute of Chicago to see all the impressionist paintings followed by dinner at the Ralph Lauren restaurant. It reminds me of being in Paris.

10. Favorite Sneakers

I wore my Sèzane Jack Sneaker all over Paris last Summer and it was so comfortable. I like to judge my sneakers by not only comfort level but if I get blisters or not. I didn’t get one blister the entire time I wore these and I walked miles and miles each day. I take my normal size in these sneakers which is 6.5. The Isabel Marant Beth Sneakers have been on my wish list for a while now and I finally purchased them. So far, they are also very comfortable to wear plus totally Parisian cool. These sneakers are only sold in whole sizes so I went up to a size 7 which translates to a 37.

11. Favorite French Brand

Sèzane is not only my favorite French brand but my favorite brand in general. I love every single one of my Sèzane pieces. I first discovered Sèzane many years ago but just started wearing them consistently over the past two years. The quality is always amazing, well made, and their pieces are classic and timeless. I wrote a whole blog posted dedicated to Sèzane sizing here.

12. Favorite Must-Have Accessory

Definitely a handbag. A beautiful handbag can completely make an outfit. I love nothing more than jeans, a nice tee, flats, and beautiful bag. It doesn’t have to be designer either, as long as it’s beautiful and can go with anything. Just look for the quality and details when choosing a bag.

13. Favorite White Button Down

My favorite white button down blouses are from Sèzane and Everlane. The Sèzane Tomboy(went up a size) is a bit more structured and heavier fabric vs the Everlane is a lighter cotton version(go down 2 sizes).

14. Favorite Insta Stylist I Follow

There are 3 women on IG who I love to follow for style tips. Monica Ainley is a journalist who lives in Paris and is not only an amazing influencer but just as good storyteller. I love not only looking at her fashion but reading her articles she writes as well. Jess from FashionandStyleEdit has timeless style and her youtube videos are worth watching. Susie from So Susie is a great follow for Nordstrom finds and all the latest trends to watch.

15. Favorite Celebrity

Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Gosling. I don’t think I need to say anymore.


  1. Hello! Could you give me the exact details of your Chanel Wallet on chain you received as an anniversary gift? It’s beautiful and I’d like to find one. I did look in frequently asked questions so I’m sorry if you’ve answered this already. I also clicked on your links but it doesn’t send me to this exact bag. Thank you so much for your time. Kira

    1. Hi There, it’s a quilted lambskin. This was one of the first versions they started doing the WOC so I don’t think they make this version anymore. The ones now are a bit roomier.

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