Our French Inspired Christmas Decor

As I am always looking for ways to live that French-inspired lifestyle, this also came across in how I choose to decorate our home for Christmas. Today, I am sharing our French-inspired Christmas decor, and how you too can also adopt that French lifestyle from anywhere and make your home just as festive as being in France.

I am also joining a group of wonderful ladies to showcase how they decorate their homes this holiday season as well.

For me, it was about elevating the space with pieces I already have and bringing in more natural and neutral elements through greenery, candles, and a simple table setting.

In France, the homes are decorated simple and tasteful for the holiday season and I wanted to make sure to keep that vibe as well for our Christmas decor.

Our French Inspired Christmas Decor

The French Inspired Mantle

Atop the mantle, I used garland as the center focus to drape across the mantle. Then, I added some gold taper candle holders in various sizes with burgundy candles. There’s a “Bonjour” sign with burgundy ribbon, which I placed in the middle to welcome all.

I took some birch wood logs I have and placed them inside a French market tote for a French country feel, while the fireplace is going.

The French Inspired Christmas Tree

The French usually don’t put up their Christmas Trees until the middle of December. We like to put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving. Every year, it’s a tradition to go to the local Christmas tree farm to cut a tree down.

However, this year I purchased a tree from Balsam Hill and it looks incredibly real and gorgeous. It came with lights attached and was easy to set up in a few minutes.

Shop Christmas Tree Ornaments

Setting The Table The French Way

The French are experts when it comes to setting the table. They prefer beautiful dinnerware, crystal glasses, gold or silver vintage silverware, and anything that exudes elegance and simplicity.

Presentation and details are big elements of a French dining table and meal. You don’t have to spend a fortune to do this either. Use family heirlooms, buy crystal glasses at a thrift store, linen napkins at flea markets, or places like Home Goods or Target. You can also. mix and match as well, not everything has to match perfectly.

For the table, I put out my favorite glassware, which I have been collecting for years. White dinnerware that was purchased many years ago, and I added a touch of elegance and warmth with the gold silverware. I wanted to add a beautiful shade of burgundy to the table, which reminds me of a favorite café in Paris.

I used some leftover greenery from the hanging garland as the centerpiece for the table with the burgundy candles and gold taper holders I have.

French Christmas Table Pieces

The French Apéro

For the bar area, I used pieces I’ve collected from French flea markets over the years to create an inviting space and area for a glass of wine, French vin chaud, or after-dinner drink. I used a vintage champagne bucket and filled it with gold vintage ornaments I found years ago. And, I put a few styles of different glassware atop a black tray with some ornaments on the side for a festive touch.

Joyeux Noël

Once the house is decorated, the tree is trimmed, and the holiday music is playing in the background, the best way to enjoy is to sit and admire and think about the beauty of the holiday season.

In French, they say Joyeux Noël, or Merry Christmas.

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  1. Love following you…have a great time in Paris with your mom. Quick question: please post the Trader Joe’s St Emillion again. Thank you!

  2. Noelani

    This is just beautiful. I love your vintage and sentimental french inspired decor. It is so fun to bring out the ornaments we have cherished over the years and enjoy them every year. Thank you for joining us!

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