2023 Francophile Gift Guide

2023 Francophile Gift Guide

Here’s the Ultimate Francophile Gift Guide for 2023. This year I am including all different Francophile categories. One for the French Kitchen, French Beauty, the Traveling Francophile, and more. I also try to include different gift ideas at different price points and ones that any Francophile would love to receive.

There are two ways to view the Francophile gift guides. You can easily click on the photo below and view the guides in a lookbook format. Then you can click each item to be directed to the retailer’s site. Or, you can view each guide below individually with a detailed description under the guide.

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Francophile Gift Guides 2023

Here are 27 gift ideas for the Francophile in your life. These are all items to either give or get for that person who loves all French things.

Graphic of 27 items to give for the ultimate Francophile gift guide.
  1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle gift set with a small Parfum spray and Parfum Refillable Twist and Spray perfect for your handbag and travel.
  2. A perfect gift for the Francophile to chill their favorite wine or champagne from Vinglacè. The set also comes with a wine bottle chiller and 2 tumblers.
  3. For the Francophile who loves Caudalíe, give them this essential starter set for travel or gift it to someone who wants to try French beauty products.
  4. How about a cute gift from French designer Marin Montagut? Usually, you have to visit his store in Paris to be able to experience his darling gifts, but you can buy this drinking glass for one who loves his whimsical designs.
  5. Diptyque always offers the most beautiful candles for the season, perfect for the Francophile who loves the classic French candle maker.
  6. Another candle option from maker Kerzon features a scent reminiscent of the Tuileries Garden in Paris in a gorgeous green container, just like the iconic green chairs all around the famous Parisian gardens.
  7. After staying at a hotel in Paris, carrying this NUXE gel cleanser, I loved the scent and feeling and had to buy a bottle for myself. Any French beauty lover will appreciate the honey, sunflower smell, and velvety feeling.
  8. Designer and artist Marin Montagut takes readers inside twenty of his favorite quintessentially Parisian locations – seemingly untouched by time. So for anyone who’s a fan of Montagut and his creations, this book should be added to their collection.
  9. Every Francophile needs a quintessential market tote for market runs, picnics, and everything in between. In fact, this brand carries a great selection of quality market bags, and I highly recommend it.
  10. Inspired by the smells of France, this candle contains Lavender, Tobacco, Vanilla, and Butter. It also comes in a glass container with FRANCE written on the front.
  11. For the coffee table book Francophile, CHANEL is the ultimate book featuring unpublished designs and drawings from Coco herself, all the way up to Karl Lagerfeld.
  12. Celebrating 30, avenue Montaigne, published on the occasion of the House’s 75th anniversary presents the public and unseen life of the iconic DIOR headquarters.
  13. The Louis Vuitton Trophy Trunks is a collection of over 222 pages dedicated to the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk and how it has been a part of sportsmanship history and victory for over three decades.
  14. Caudalíe Detox and Glow bestsellers trio featuring a glow face mist, dark spot serum, and also a detox mask for a little self-indulgence at home or on the go.
  15. Map of Paris, kitchen towel for the Francophile kitchen.
  16. Another iconic design from Marin Montagut, this Chaise du Jardin du Luxembourg Paper Mache Secrets Box, is perfect for holding keepsakes and treasures.
  17. 1,000-piece Paris puzzle featuring all the famous landmarks in vibrant colors, perfect for cozy winter nights at home.
  18. A framed vintage Louis Vuitton picture featuring trunks and bags being transported in London. Would also make the perfect gift for a Francophile to hang as part of a gallery wall or in an office.
  19. A gorgeous book detailing the French lifestyle, Joie, shows a Parisian’s guide to celebrating the good life and appreciating things like an antique, market, happy hour, flowers, and also the simple ways the French live a beautiful lifestyle.
  20. Holiday in the City dish towel showing the beautiful city of light during the holiday season.
  21. PARIS baseball cap for the days when you want to be casual yet still chic.
  22. Beautiful silk top from Sézane, the chlo, comes in various colors to wear casually or dressed up. If there’s one silk top every Francophile should have in their closet, this is the one. If you’re curious about Sézane sizing, see this post here.
  23. Looking at the joie de vivre, the French Art Of Living Well, looks at French culture, cuisine, humor, and more about the French way of life.
  24. For the note-writing Francophile, these Eiffel Tower notecards are the perfect gift.
  25. Iconic French tea maker, Mariage Freres, has loose tea in a gorgeous tin container for the times when you want a hot cup of tea to transport yourself to Paris.
  26. A Luxury handbag-inspired ornament for the tree is great as a gift for someone or for your own tree.
  27. Diptyque Baies candle with the scent of berries and also a gorgeous gold carousel on top.

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Gift Guide For The French Kitchen

17 gift ideas for the Francophile who loves to be in the kitchen.

Graphic of French kitchen items for the Francophile.
  1. We love to have a French Press on Sundays as part of our coffee and croissants morning. In fact, this is our favorite one we use.
  2. I finally purchased this copper butter warmer in Paris this summer after seeing it in a restaurant. Such a beautiful piece to use for dinner parties and also to leave on display.
  3. Here’s another affordable option for a butter warmer from Williams Sonoma.
  4. How cute are these ornaments for the Francophile who loves to cook?
  5. This is the Nespresso maker we have that we use daily multiple times. We love this Nespresso maker so much, that if it broke today, I’d immediately go out and buy another one. So I highly recommend this one and even wrote a review you can read here.
  6. My favorite French dinner plates are from Elsie Green which we use daily. These are not only beautiful but each one is different making them a conversation piece as well.
  7. Love the À Table book to use for dinner parties, weekends with friends, and evening apéro.
  8. A prettier French Press which is more restaurant-style.
  9. For those who can’t get to France but still want a taste of France. Give them a crate full of French specialties like paté, smoked salmon, and French bilins.
  10. Our favorite crêpe maker because it’s easy to use and easy to clean.
  11. A classic cup and saucer set for your French Press. In fact, these are the ones we use every Sunday for our coffee and croissants.
  12. Every Francophile kitchen needs a beautiful marble cheese and knife set.
  13. A whimsical dish towel with French and English words, numbers, and letters. Learn French while cooking at the same time.
  14. A monogrammed French bistro mug for your coffee or tea. Any gift from the entire French Bistro collection would also be amazing for any Francophile.
  15. Favorite advent calendar from Bonne Maman featuring mini jams in different flavors and combinations to use throughout the year. In fact, this is a favorite every year, which sells out quickly.
  16. France wine map featuring the different wine regions of the country and which wines come from each region.
  17. Cute Bon Appetit dinner napkins for your next dinner party or for everyday use.
  18. Keep your wine or champagne chilled in this chic bottle cooler.

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French Beauty Gift Guide For The Francophile

A guide for the French beauty lover of 11 French favorites.

Graphic of French beauty as a beauty guide.
  1. A beautiful French red lipstick in a chic lipstick holder from Hermes.
  2. A La Mer gift set featuring rich cream and lip balm in a blue makeup bag. In addition, this is always a great way to try this brand without feeling like you’re spending a fortune.
  3. My favorite hand cream for the winter season is Avène to keep hands hydrated and also soft.
  4. Yves Saint Laurent Mini gift set featuring a Mini Lash Clash Mascara & Rouge Pur Couture Satin Lipstick 3-Piece Set at a great price.
  5. The best eye patches for puffiness, and dark spots, and to overall feel hydrated, awake, and refreshed when you need to look your best. I swear by these.
  6. 3-piece mini L’Occitaine shea hand creams for stockings, purses, and at the kitchen sink. Also, I always love the way these tubes are designed.
  7. For the Francophile who loves Caudalíe, give them this essential starter set for travel or gift it to someone who wants to try French beauty products.
  8. Santal 33 Parfum from Le Labo, the French maker in Grasse, FR, and one of the brand’s iconic scents.
  9. Caudalíe Detox and Glow bestsellers trio featuring a glow face mist, dark spot serum, and detox mask for a little self-indulgence at home or on the go.
  10. The best lip balm from Bioderma to keep lips hydrated, and soft, and prevent cracking, especially during the winter months. In fact, I buy several of these at a time and keep them stashed everywhere.
  11. A Dior Addict beauty set featuring Dior Lip Glow, Lip Maximizer, Le Sérum, and also Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Perfume.

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Gift Guide For Femme

For the favorite chic lady in your life. Here are 17 French-inspired items to give or get.

Gift guide of 17 items for her.
  1. The perfect shade of red, Chanel ALIVE, for the lady who loves a perfect French red pout.
  2. A beautiful way to travel is with jewelry in a leather-wrapped case from Cuyana.
  3. For the one who loves to display candles, go with this gorgeous ribbed candle holder.
  4. A fun and festive sweater for the holiday season from J.Crew.
  5. Small French tray for the nightstand or bathroom to hold rings, earrings, and also other things.
  6. Every lady needs a beautiful pair of pearl earrings to wear daily or on a special occasion.
  7. Designer belt from YSL to elevate any outfit with the small YSL logo in gold.
  8. For the days when a ball cap is the only thing that will do, at least wear one in style.
  9. Sézane has beautiful jewelry and this gold bracelet is no exception. In addition, it’s simple yet elegant and stands out.
  10. A beautiful room spray from Trudon but also a gorgeous piece to display on a dresser or in a bathroom. In fact, Trudon has some of the best French smells in gorgeous jars and bottles.
  11. The Longchamp Pilage Tote is practical, functional, carried by French women, and an overall perfect tote.
  12. Treat her to an iconic pair of Manolo Blahnik flats and make her feel like a princess. Here’s another similar option just as pretty.
  13. Love this Claude Bag from Sézane and also the beautiful chocolate color.
  14. A gorgeous vanity mirror with gold details to make anyone smile in the mornings.
  15. Life lessons from the one and only Coco Chanel.
  16. My favorite satin pajamas in beautiful shades to feel great when sleeping. You can also get a matching pillowcase as well.
  17. For the scarf lover, this chic and classic black and white scarf from YSL is the perfect accessory to any outfit.

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For The Traveling Francophile

Here are 13 gifts for the traveling Francophile who’s going to France or beyond.

graphic of gift items for travel to paris.
  1. My favorite cotton- cashmere wrap to wear on the airplane to stay comfy and cozy.
  2. This Longchamp carry-on bag folds out to become even larger if needed. In addition, it’s the perfect size for additional gifts bought on the trip or if you just need a little bit more packing space.
  3. The AWAY Bigger Carry-On is my favorite suitcase to use for travel to carry on handbags, and shoes, or to use as a weekend getaway. In fact, the size is perfect and fits in the overhead bin of most planes.
  4. If you’re carrying on the plane, pack this small toiletry bag with all your travel essentials. The bag is lightweight, water resistant, and contains two pockets inside.
  5. OUI OUI, the cutest passport holder if you’re heading to France oui?
  6. PARIS pocket polish duo with travel-size neutral nail colors all chemical free. These are the two colors I use the most. Would also make a great stocking stuffer and a gift for girls.
  7. White noise machine for your hotel room with 21 sounds included.
  8. Airpods case which you can also have monogrammed. Great guy’s gift also!
  9. Travel steamer which went viral, is dual voltage (European compatible), and allows you to steam both sides of the clothing piece at the same time!
  10. Memory foam airplane footrest allows you to put your feet up on those long flights to help prevent swelling and soreness.
  11. The Everywhere Bag which goes along with the bigger carry-on suitcase makes for easy travel. The bag is big enough inside for a laptop, purse, headphones, and other items necessary for the plane.
  12. This commuter clutch makes it easy to contain all your tech items and credit cards in one pouch for travel.
  13. Hanging expandable packing cube which is handy for those small hotel closets. This will fit inside a carry-on, you can pack your clothes inside each slot, easily pull it out, and hang it at your destination.

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For The Francophile Book Lover

12 different French books to elevate your coffee table. Everything from French fashion to interiors to the city of light itself.

  1. A gorgeous book showing the chic side of Paris with its quaint bistros, daily Parisian life, and the families who make Paris their home. Go inside some sophisticated homes of the French and see what it’s really like the live the Parisian lifestyle.
  2. Over 550 pages detailing the rise of one of the world’s most iconic French brands, Louis Vuitton is full of history, art, fashion, and those iconic trunks. If you are an LV loyalist, this is one book to add to your collection.
  3. This book shows a dozen different French families and how they live and design their homes. They don’t all live in France yet their homes still reflect the French way of living and curating a home.
  4. A look at the house of Christian Dior and what he has built over the last 50 years features more than 100 gowns from Dior Haute Couture.
  5. Designer David Jimenez showcases the homes he’s designed in Paris and the States, reflecting his love of French interiors and how he’s created each space.
  6. PARIS is a beautiful look at how the city has changed over the years and the influence it’s had on writers, photographers, and artists over the years.
  7. Here the house of CHANEL opens its private archives showcasing designs created by Coco herself from the 1920s onwards and explores 5 areas of the book explores five central themes – the suit, the camellia, jewelry, fragrances and make-up, and the little black dress.
  8. A look at quintessential Provençal style, featuring chic homes and interior details inspired by this picturesque region.
  9. This stunning book shows the best of fashion inspired by Versailles, set against the exquisite background of the most spectacular palace in the world. What better combination could you ask for?
  10. A celebration of the French lifestyle—an education in drinking to savor the moment, traveling indulgently, and cherishing food and culture. A lesson in the joy of taking things slowly.
  11. Everything you ever wanted to know about Hermès.Follow along as fashion historian Karen Homer details the evolution of the innovative brand that became synonymous with luxurious accessories.
  12. One of my favorite French designers and artists, Marin Montagut, takes readers inside a dozen private homes, flea markets, and unusual ateliers to discover the most whimsical treasure troves in France. 

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s Francophile gift guides.

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