5 Ways To Dress Like A Parisian

Dress Like A Parisian

Want to dress like a Parisian but not sure where to start? Here are 5 style tips I noticed the Parisians wearing on my latest trip. These are 5 simple ways you can update your wardrobe to feel Parisian.

First, when it comes to dressing Parisians do it best but it’s all about the attitude and confidence they have walking down the street. The Parisians and even French, in general, are all about being simple, natural, and understated.

They don’t wear a lot of labels on their clothing, don’t wear a ton of makeup, or have big hair. There are often misconceptions about how people think Parisians dress and it’s not all true. I can tell you they are definitely not all running around in berets or carrying designer handbags.

Parisians might dress simply but it’s very classic, chic, and timeless. There isn’t a lot of fuss about their outfits and you might even be surprised how simple they might seem. Yet, you will remember how they dress because it truly is unlike any other city in the world.

Add these 5 classic pieces to your wardrobe and you will be dressing like a Parisian in no time.


You won’t see a lot of makeup or big hair on Parisians or French women in general. They tend to go with more natural-looking ways to enhance their beauty. Maybe a beautiful rep lip and a dab of their favorite scent are all they need. Walk down any street in Paris and you’re sure to find a perfumery, where you can find the perfect scent.

Some of my favorite red lip colors are from Chanel, YSL, and Merit. I love scents from Chloe, Diptyque, and Chanel. Subtle yet a signature scent.

You can tell by walking into any French pharmacy that women tend to focus on skincare more than makeup. I love making a trip to the pharmacy anytime I visit Paris to stock up on some of my favorite French beauty products.


Another way to instantly dress like a Parisian is with a 3rd piece. This could be a trench, leather jacket, blazer, or even wool coat for Winter. Parisians love wearing the 3rd piece any time of the year.

A trench coat is such a classic piece to have in your wardrobe and this coat is all over the streets of Paris. I also love the way Parisians wear a trench, leaving it open, and tying the straps in the back, or to the side. My Sèzane Scott Trench is my favorite trench I’ve ever owned, the fit is perfection( I sized up), the quality is amazing and it wears nicely.

wearing a trench coat with jeans and black pumps.

For transitional weather, a leather jacket is always a good idea although I didn’t see as many of these as trench coats and blazers. A leather jacket is also a great piece to layer underneath a heavier wool coat if needed. I’ve owned my Madewell leather jacket for about 5 years now and it was worth every penny.

Blazers are my absolute favorite 3rd piece and it’s definitely one for Parisians as well. You need a good blazer in your wardrobe to dress like a Parisian. I saw a lot of neutral obviously but then a lot of plaids as well all in neutral colors. My favorite color of the blazer I saw was navy, so many people wear navy in Paris and I just love it so much. Navy is such a beautiful and elegant color and one I wish more people in the states wore.

wearing navy blazer, jeans, and stripe top and sneakers

My favorite blazers are from Ba&sh Paris, Sèzane, and Everlane. A great cotton or wool one for cooler weather and a pretty linen one for warmer weather.

During the cold months, a great wool coat is ideal in navy or black. The women tend to go with longer versions and then men go with a pea coat. Last year I invested in the Sèzane Johnson Coat in the Navy and it was a fantastic purchase. I also have a longer version as well from &Other Stories.


Parisians know the power of a great-looking handbag, and no it doesn’t have to be a designer. In fact, most of the women I saw were not carrying expensive designer handbags, but they were all classic looking. Most of the women were carrying some sort of French labels like Longchamp, Sèzane, or Polène.

I love carrying my Longchamp tote around Paris during the day, I use it to carry everything and even an extra pair of shoes. I bought this Sèzane bucket bag on my last trip and it’s so classic looking. I also have this black one from Polène which is a good substitution for the Celine Belt Bag and so much less.

standing in white blouse white bag on bridge in paris


Sneakers, sneakers, and more sneakers. Once a fashion faux paw, sneakers are all over the streets of Paris. Brands like VEJA, Stan Smith, and Converse are worn by all ages. Women are wearing them with everything from jeans to skirts to dresses.

I definitely didn’t see as many ballet flats this time around and I think maybe because everyone has decided sneakers are the way to go.

In the cooler months, booties and tall boots are still what the women prefer.

walking on a street with black dress and white sneakers


Parisians know how to wear scarves better than anyone else and they do it in a way that just brings their outfit together perfectly. Everything from silk to wool and every age group wears them, even men. I’ve even seen a few kids in scarves and let me tell you there’s nothing more adorable than a French kid wearing a scarf.

On my last trip, I picked up a few scarves from vintage shops which I highly recommend if you can find one, or you can stop by one of the department stores. A French scarf is a perfect gift to bring home for yourself or someone else. Maybe even an Hermēs one?

standing by a blue door holding phone

It doesn’t take much to dress like a Parisian, and these are probably items you already own in your wardrobe. Parisian style is accessible to everyone.

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