5 Chic Ways To Wear Sneakers Like A French Girl

Chic Ways To Wear Sneakers Like A French Girl

Want to wear sneakers like a French girl? Here are 5 chic ways to incorporate sneakers into your wardrobe like the French. True, they don’t necessarily wear sneakers like we do in the States but over the last several years sneakers have become more mainstream on the streets of Paris.

Just like anything else, the French have managed to make it look chic and timeless when it comes to incorporating sneakers into their daily outfits. Along with the other French styles such as ballet flats, booties, and slingbacks, you will see sneakers all over now.

Chic French Girl Sneakers

The French tend to stick with white, neutral-colored sneakers, which help to make feet look smaller and go with any outfit. Some favorite sneaker styles you see in Paris are, VEJA, Adidas Stan Smith, Converse, Axel Arigato, and New Balance.


Here are a few ways you can incorporate sneakers like a French girl into your wardrobe this season.

1. With A Trench

Always timeless, a trench coat is the ultimate French girl style and a staple in any closet. Worn with jeans and white sneakers to give a classic, comfy look that’s still chic looking.

The styles shown here are the Sèzane Jack Sneaker, Converse High Top, and New Balance all of which are popular sneaker styles on the streets of Paris.

sezane scott trench with sneakers
leia sfez wearing trench coat and sneakers

2. With Jeans

What could be more classic than sneakers with jeans? Wear a favorite pair of neutral sneakers with straight-leg, wide, or cropped jeans this Fall and Autumn.

3. With Pants

Trousers usually have this stigma around them that you have to wear them strictly for business and to the office with pumps or heels. Not the case in Paris, where women wear their trousers with sneakers instead of heels. This is such a chic and timeless look to wear sneakers with a wool coat, sweater, and classic bag.

Since Parisians walk everywhere they need comfortable shoes and what could be more comfortable than a pair of sneakers? This might be a look you need to get used to but once you try it, you’ll want to wear your trousers with sneakers all the time.

4. With Dresses

Go for sneakers with either shorter or maxi-length dresses but just make sure your sneakers are neutral especially if you are wearing a dress with brighter colors or a floral pattern. Also, if you’re wearing socks, make them a no-show version so your socks aren’t noticeable to anyone but you.

You can do either a high-top or low-top version of sneakers with your dress, again just make sure they are neutral.

5. With A Relaxed Blazer

A great way to wear a relaxed oversized blazer of the season is with a pair of sneakers. Blazers are the hottest item for Spring but you can make them casual and relaxed with a pair of sneakers.

A blazer and sneakers are my favorite way to wear this combination together. Such a casual yet classic and chic look.

woman wearing blazer with white jeans and sneakers

Sneakers I’ve Worn In Paris Over The Years

These are all the sneakers I have worn over the years in Paris with jeans, dresses, skirts, and trousers.


Sneaker Brands

Want to know the sneaker brands French women are wearing? Go for one of these.

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  1. At last! Sneakers were considered “sloppy” for too long.
    They’re practical, affordable, comfortable, and “safe”, allowing us to run, kick, or climb when need to.
    High heels and stilettos remind me if ancient Chinese foot binding. A decorative and sexual availability signalling function.

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