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French Girl Looks On A Budget

French Girl Looks On A Budget

Dressing like a French girl doesn’t have to be expensive or cost a fortune and today I am sharing several French girl looks on a budget, all pieces are under $100.

Since French fashion is all about classic, timeless pieces, it’s easier than ever to find ways to dress like a French girl. You don’t have to be French or live in Paris to dress like this, it’s attainable to everyone.

Wondering what types of French girl pieces to start with? You can read all about the 10 classic French wardrobe basics here, and determine which piece you should go for first.

How To Get A French Girl Look

One thing French women do well when it comes to dressing is the art of elegant simplicity. You won’t find them dressed head to toe in trends for the season. They prefer to stick with classic pieces, made with good quality.

The key to dressing like a French girl is to think like a French girl. The next time you go shopping, truly think about only the pieces you need. Have an idea in mind of what you’re looking for and don’t get sidetracked by other items.

Also, try to think about having more of a curated wardrobe. Only invest and buy the pieces you will love and will wear for years. Your closet is prime real estate so only fill it with pieces you truly love.

Where To Shop French Girl Looks On A Budget

Some of the best places to find French girl-inspired pieces on a budget are H&M, MANGO, Zara, ASOS, and & Other Stories (although on the higher end).

Also, don’t be afraid to shop in vintage stores either. You never know what you will find at an amazing thrift or vintage store. French women love to shop at these kinds of stores and you will find some amazing ones throughout Paris.

French Girl Pieces Under $100

Here are a variety of pieces all under $100 to choose from which will help create a French girl look, along with some outfit inspiration.


French women love to wear button-down tops, silk tops, and of course a striped top here and there.


French women prefer to stick with straight-leg denim or flares and neutral trouser that can go with anything.


A trench is an ultimate jacket in between seasons but you can also add in. a denim one as well.


Go for sneakers, ballet flats, loafers, and a great slingback or pump.


Choose one that’s classic looking, a neutral color, and you can wear it for every season.

French Girl Looks Under $100

Graphic of jeans, black tweed jacket, white bag, and two tone flats.

Jeans | Tweed Jacket | White Handbag | Two Tone Flats

cream trousers, two tone flats, market bag, and striped sweater | French Girl Looks On A Budget

Trousers | Striped Sweater| Woven Bag| Two Tone Flats

black skirt, pink suede shoes, black sweetheart top

Skirt | Sweetheart Bodysuit | Pumps | Bag

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