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Summer Pieces For Women

During the Summer I like to stick with classic pieces that are appropriate for women over 40. Gone are the days of shorts denim shorts, mini dresses or skirts and even in some cases a two-piece swimsuit, although I do still own a few.

These days, I look to choose pieces which are classic and timeless yet still feel age appropriate. I think it’s very important to wear what makes you feel good and confident at any age but especially over 40.

You can still look stylish and elegant over 40 with simple, classic, and timeless summer pieces that you can wear the entire season. Pieces which you probably already own but ones that never go out of style and ones you can get maximum versatility with.

Here are 10 classic summer pieces for women over 40 that will never go out of style.

1. White Tops

White tops are beautiful for Summer especially eyelet ones or light breezy linen ones. You can easily wear them with jeans, shorts, skirts, and pants.

The versatility is endless as they go with anything. I love a gorgeous classic white top for Summer which is so classic and elegant looking for women over 40.

My absolute favorite white tops come from Sèzane because I love the texture, elegance, and Parisian twist on them. Of course, you can get beautiful white tops at many different places.

2. One Piece SwimSuit

A beautiful and classic one piece swimsuit is especially perfect for women over 40. There are many different varieties of suits out there and finding one always seems like a chore. For some women, it can be a tough subject but a classic one piece in a solid color is always an appropriate choice.

There are so many pretty and fun options out there now. They are a great way to feel comfortable and glowing all at the same time.

Great places to look for swimsuits are Summersalt, J.Crew, Boden, and Nordstrom.

3. Black Dress

Black dresses are such classic pieces to have in your wardrobe and summer time is no exception. Make it one with a floral pattern or maybe a linen one. They are beautiful and elegant for date night, summer garden parties, or even lunch with girlfriends.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t wear a black dress. You can easily wear it with sandals, heels, or sneakers for a more casual look.

You can find a great selection of black dresses from &Other Stories, Everlane, Ba&sh Paris, and Sèzane has an incredible selection of this basic yet timeless color.

4. Classic Sneakers & Sandals

Invest in classic sandals and sneakers you can wear for years. Go with a pair of flat sandals for a more casual look or a clog or heeled sandal for more dressy occasions.

Stick with ones which are neutral and go with everything in your closet, you will keep these longer and wear them more often.

If you still want neutral but want to have a bit of fun, think about adding a gold pair of sandals to your rotation.

I have a collection of shoes from Sèzane which are my go to for the spring and summer seasons which are so comfortable, go with everything, and classic. You can read more about each shoe in this post here along with sizing.

5. Cardigan

A timeless cardigan is a great classic piece for women over 40 no matter what time of the year. You can still wear a gorgeous cardigan even in summer. They are perfect for wearing by themselves, over your shoulders or even with your favorite dress.

Stick with a basic one in a solid color that you can get maximum versatility out of when wearing. Choose a fabric like cotton or linen and go with a shorter version for the season.

I don’t mind investing in a timeless cardigan which I know I will be able to wear for years. Look for quality and a chic style in the cardigan and it will be worth the investment.

Over the years, some of my favorite classic and timeless cardigans have been bought from Sèzane, Ba&sh Paris, Alex Mill, and even very affordable options from &OtherStories.

6. Silk Top

I love wearing silk tops year round because they are so beautiful and classic. Don’t be afraid to wear silk for fear that it’s to pretty or you don’t want to get something on it. Treat silk as any other clothing item you would wear but maybe a little more delicately.

They are so many beautiful silk tops in various price points. Go with a short sleeve or long sleeve version. You can easily wear a silk top with shorts and sandals for a casual yet polished summer look.

Sèzane has wonderful silk tops as well as Everlane and Cuyana.

7. Linen Pants

Linen pants are one of my favorite clothing items to wear in summer. They are light, breezy, and work with everything. Yes, they are supposed to get wrinkled, that’s what linen does. Don’t let that keep you from wearing linen though.

It’s a summer fabric that you’ll feel comfortable wearing all season long. I have several pairs of linen paints from over the years that I am still wearing because they are so classic and timeless. They are a great pant for when you want to get dressed up or dressed down.

Favorite places to look for linen pants which are classic and great quality are &OtherStories, Cuyana, J.Crew, and Banana Republic.

8. Linen Dress

Want to stay cool and classic all summer then go with a linen dress. You can either wear it casual or dress it up a bit with a belt. I like to wear shades of navy or beige which look classic and go with brown or black sandals.

J.Crew always has a great selection of linen dresses that always go on sale at some point during the season. Cuyana has a bit more of an elevated selection of linen dresses and &Other Stories has a great selection of basic linen dress styles they carry year after year.

9. Lightweight Blazer

Blazers are my absolute favorite clothing item and even in the summer I am wearing them. I just choose lighter fabrics and shorter sleeves. They are great with a cami or t-shirt underneath. A fabric like linen is a beautiful option to wear with jeans or even shorts.

A linen combination of a blazer with shorts is so classic and elegant in summer. Wear it with sandals to a party or dinner with friends. You will still look casual yet a bit elevated with the blazer. Stick with neutral colors like beige or white however if you love color then that’s an option as well.

I have noticed over the years, linen blazers tend to sell out really fast especially from more affordable brands. If you see one you like, don’t wait around because it might be gone next time you check.

Some of my favorite places to look for classic linen blazers are Mango, &Other Stories, J.Crew, and H&M. Just double check the quality of the linen as some are better than others.

10. Summer Bag

Summer is a great time to break out all those bags in lighter shades and materials. You can put away the blacks and dark browns and bring out the straw totes and bucket bags. It’s also a great time just to carry a pool bag or canvas bag to the farmers market.

Hopefully, these 10 classic pieces for women over 40 have helped to inspire your own selection of pieces for the summer.

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  1. I just love your blog. What is your opinion on singlet tops for women over 40 in summer? Do you think they are bit too young and if so, what would you suggest instead? I live in Australia and the temperature can get very hot. Your suggestions are gorgeous, but we would melt here in jeans and cardigan or long sleeve shirt in summer.

    1. Hi Kate- thank you so much for reading! I think tanks and camis are great for Summer. You can definitely dress them up with a nice pair of linen trousers or long shorts and some heeled sandals. Or even a nice silk skirt and sandals. I would definitely stick to a nice pair of bottoms, I wouldn’t necessarily wear them with cut off shorts or something like that. Thank you! Noelani

      1. Thank you so much for replying. I just read your “10 Classic Wardrobe Basics” article. It is very clear and easy to follow. It is the best I have seen on this topic. Congratulations on a wonderful blog. I am so glad I discovered it..