Sézane Shoes For Summer

Sézane Shoes For Summer

Sézane over the years has become my go-to for not only clothes but shoes as well. Today, I am sharing the Sézane shoes for summer that I will be wearing.

Sézane shoes are well crafted, made with quality, and most are handcrafted in one of their Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish ateliers.

For me, I can tell the quality and attention to detail that contribute to the design of the shoe. This philosophy goes right in line with my quality over quantity way of purchasing my clothes.

Sézane Sizing

I have found sizing with Sézane shoes to be accurate and true to size. For reference, I am a 6.5 in US sizes and a 37 in French shoe sizes.

I always order my regular 6.5 on the website and they all fit perfectly. In each shoe description, it says how the shoe fits and how you should order when it comes to sizing.

If you are curious about Sézane sizing with clothes, you can read my Sézane Guide here.

Sézane Shoes For The Season

Lenny Low Mules

I debated about the Lenny Low Mules for over a month. I wondered how much I would actually wear them. And I also wondered about the comfort level of the mule and if it would provide enough support.

I am honestly amazed at how comfortable the Lenny Mule actually is. I originally ordered my normal size of 6.5 but when they arrived they were too big. So, I exchanged them for a size 6 and the fit is perfect.

It’s almost like the mule forms into your foot and their support of the mule is great. My plan is to use these in Paris to walk around during the day, I think they are going to be great for that exact purpose.

Isabelle Clogs

Clogs are one of those shoes that you either love or don’t love. This is my second pair of Sézane clogs and I have to say, I find them very comfortable.

I wouldn’t walk all over town in them but they are great with wide-leg jeans or pants. I will also wear them with dresses this Summer as well.

The heel height is around 3.5 but it’s not like you’re wearing a stiletto. The heel is thick by steady enough to walk around in them. I wear my normal size in the Isabelle Clog and have the smooth camel color.

Gloria Sandals

These Gloria sandals have become my go-to sandal since I purchased them in Paris. I was looking for some sandals that weren’t brown or black but were a little different.

I instantly fell in love with the look of these sandals. The gold color and mid-heel are very chic and instantly can elevate a very basic outfit. There are thin straps that wrap around the ankle, which I feel makes the shoe very feminine-looking.

The Gloria Sandals are great to wear with jeans, pants, and even skirts and dresses all summer. They add an easy pop to an outfit and with the 2.75 heel height are very comfortable.

I wear my normal size in the Gloria Sandals, and they are easily one of my favorite Sézane shoes for summer to wear.


I picked up these Low Natacha Sandals this past spring in Paris because I love the Gloria sandals so much. I wanted a smaller heel that I could wear walking around all day with shorts or dresses.

The Low Natacha is very comfortable and flattering. I receive so many compliments every time I wear these sandals. The strap is a bit short and I use the last hole to buckle them but they are worth the cost. I wear my normal size in these sandals.

Jack Trainers

A great leather trainer that I put miles and miles on in Paris last Summer. These are smooth leather that does tend to scratch I’ve noticed. They are also an ecru color so not a traditional white, but more of a cream color.

However, they are so incredibly comfortable that I would definitely buy another pair once these are done. The trainers also have more of a lower profile, so I wouldn’t wear them in colder months but save them for warmer months.

I love the gold eyelet details for the laces and the lining inside is actually a smooth leather finish. The Jack Trainers do come in several other colors as well.

Judith Low Sandals

The Judith Low Sandals are beautiful flat leather sandals with gold buckles. I have this sandal in the heritage color.

The combination of the heritage color and the gold buckle makes the sandal stand out. This is a newer sandal to me but so far it’s also very comfortable. I take my normal size in this sandal as well.

I have been wearing the Judith Sandal with jeans, pants, and dresses so far this summer season.


If there are any designs that catch your eye, you definitely want to pull the trigger and buy them. Sézane shoes tend to sell out quickly in my opinion.

You can also recheck if there’s something sold out because they will restock some items on Wednesdays. Would love to know which Sézane shoes for summer you will be wearing.

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