What To Wear In Paris For Men

What To Wear In Paris For Men

Parisian fashion isn’t necessarily exclusive just to women, Parisian men are just as fashionable as Parisian women. Today, I am sharing several ways men can look just as effortlessly cool while also displaying that je ne sais quoi vibe when visiting the city of light.

There are a few ways Parisian men dress differently than the average American man. First, they pay more attention to stylistic details, not afraid to wear accessories like scarves with every outfit.

They don’t walk around in joggers or athletic shorts and have a completely different sense of style. The Parisian style for men also tends to be a bit slimmer than the American male, this makes it hard for some men to get used to.

My husband is 6ft. 3, so doesn’t necessarily fit the Parisian men’s look however there are still ways we get him to dress like a Parisian man. His favorite jeans to wear and ones he always packs for Paris are these Tommy Bahama.

I focus a lot on this blog about how women should pack for Paris and French wardrobe essentials, but I am asked frequently about how men should pack for Paris. It may seem like a challenge for male visitors to crack a French man’s style but this post will help guide all the male readers and wives who are shopping for their husbands, on what to wear in Paris for men and how to blend in with the city’s vibe.

What To Wear in Paris: For Men

It doesn’t matter the season, Parisian men always look put together and fashionable in the French capital. There is a difference though in how a Parisian man dresses compared to other parts of France, where there’s more of a laid-back casual vibe.

Parisian street style is a bit more elevated even for men, focusing on neutrals and classic, timeless pieces. Men tend to go for colors like black, navy, beige, grey, white, and brown. Parisian men still know how to exhibit that effortless look of just putting something on and it looks Magnifique.

You will see Parisian men wearing dark denim with cashmere sweaters, button-downs, and blazers or jackets. Depending on the season you will see them wearing boots and sneakers. For evenings out, go with either dark denim or a pair of chinos or trousers and a long button-down shirt and blazer or sport coat.

What Not To Wear In Paris: For Men

If you want to blend in a bit and look like more of a local versus a tourist then please don’t wear these things. Athletic shorts or athletic sporting logos all over your clothes, sunglasses on the back of your head, sloppy t-shirts, or track suits.

Here are pieces to pack for Paris for men of any age. Most of the pieces shown are available for multiple body styles: tall, slim, big, and athletic build, with the exception of a few pieces.


Parisian men choose to go with mostly basic, timeless shirts. No shirts with sports sayings or hooded sweatshirts. They prefer to wear cashmere sweaters in the cooler months and linen in the warmer months.

For a more casual look, they will wear a shorter-sleeved t-shirt with denim and a jacket on the weekends. Don’t forget that scarf as always.


The bottoms of choice for Parisian men are chinos or more of a slim fit or even a relaxed pair of dark jeans. You won’t see Parisian men wearing athletic apparel, sweats, or shorts at all. In the summer you might now and then see longer shorts with blazers but that’s rare.


Jackets for Parisian men tend to be a bit more tailored and not necessarily overly baggy. They go for dark-looking jackets, especially for work, like a wool blazer or coat during the cooler months and lighter jackets for the warmer months.

On the weekends, they are a bit more casual with maybe a leather jacket or a chore-looking jacket with jeans and sneakers. Other options would be a denim or suede jacket as well.


French men in general aren’t afraid to accessorize. They believe in wearing scarves every day, carrying a leather satchel or bag, and also an umbrella for those rainy Parisian days.


Since Paris is a walking city, comfortable shoes are always key. Men do wear tennis shoes all over Paris, including Adidas, Veja, and Converse. You will also see Chelsea boots, pointed-toe shoes, and lots of navy sneakers.

Paris Outfits For Men


Navy polo and black jeans, part of a man's outfit to pack for Paris.

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Navy Coat + OxforD + Black Jeans + Derbies

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How to pack for Men going to Paris with a navy scarf, sneakers, dark jeans.

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Packing for men in Paris with navy jacket, sneakers.

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What men should pack for Paris, a suede jacket, white button down, and dark jeans.

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What to Pack For Men in Paris with grey polo and brown boots.

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Navy Blazer + Button Down + Denim + Adidas

Outfits to pack for men in Paris like Adidas, navy blazer, and denim.

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Hopefully, this article has helped provide a bit of help on what to wear and pack for men during your next visit to the city of light. Go for classic neutrals, leave your sportswear at home, and don’t forget your scarf. You will be looking like a Parisian man in no time.

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  1. Love this. Your guide was so spot on for our trip last year, but this is also universal. This is going to help me shop for my two teens and husband. It is something that is really missing out in the interwebs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      So glad it’s helpful! Yes, it is definitely great for day to day in general and I agree, definitely not a lot out there for dressing men appropriately 🙂
      Have a great day,

  2. OMG a when I was there last April I realized that I forgot how elegant the men looked ! Something that we don’t see even in corporate America, much less in everyday life .. So much more groomed and really accessorized .. or maybe because my husband drives so much he lives accessories in his car !

    1. I know, the men are dressed so incredibly. Just like the women, so effortless and just completely put together! We have a lot to learn from them 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I had noticed that European men dress much better than North Americans. I have to say though, my husband never wears sweat pants, hoodies, flashy bright runners or big logos. His pants are slimmer versus baggy. He wears a scarf during the colder months but there would be no way I could convince him to wear a light one during the warmer months. It does look a bit pretentious. He also doesn’t wear blazers or a trench since he retired. But mostly, I could pull from his closet any of these outfits. Good to know!

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