12 Sandals To Wear With Summer Dresses 

Every French girl’s favorite part of summer is a summer dress. Whether it’s a sweet floral print or a sophisticated shirt dress, summer dresses just make you feel cool, comfortable, and confident. Additionally, with only one primary element to your outfit, styling is a breeze. You just need a couple choices, Parisian accessories and the right pair of shoes. 

Summer dresses are, of course, a favorite of the season, but so are sandals. Wearing the two together always makes for a chic outfit. So, today, I am sharing some of my favorite French girl sandals that’ll pair well with any summer dress in your collection. Here are my top picks this year:

12 Sandals To Wear With Summer Dresses 

The Lena Sandal

For a summer shoe to really work, it needs to be comfortable. Most summer activities, whether home or abroad, involve a lot of walking and outdoor time. These Lena Sandals from Margaux are a great choice for a comfortable sandal for a summer dress because they’re both practical and elevated. 

They can be casual or formal, depending on the summer dress. They come in plenty of colors, but for a summer outfit you may want to lean more on the lighter neutrals like dune or gold crinkle nappa. (Gold is trending this season.) 

Leather Alibi Sandals

Sandals To Wear With Summer Dresses

Flat sandals can create an effortless, carefree look that’s very French girl summer. In both cognac and white, these leather sandals from French Sole can go with almost any look!

I prefer to wear flat sandals with midi or maxi dresses that elongate your legs, since flat sandals can make you look shorter. Pair them with something like this floral maxi linen dress.

Mona Sandal

Here’s another pair of flat sandals. These provide some lift with a subtle platform sole, which can take away some of that leg-shortening that happens sometimes when you wear shoes without heels.

The Mona Sandals by Steve Madden are casual, but have refined accents like gold clasps and buckles. Because these are naturally dressed-down they pair best with a relaxed shirt dress. 

Gloria Sandals

Woman wearing silk skirt with silk top looking into mirror.

I purchased these Gloria sandals in Paris last year and they have since become my go-to sandals. I always get compliments on them when I wear them, and I love how versatile and feminine they are—perfect to wear with a sundress! They’re definitely among my top recommended Sézane shoes

I love the gold-colored ones, because they add a layer of elegance and class while still being understated and free-spirited. French girls have been embracing the power of gold sandals for years, but the rest of the world is finally catching on, which is why they’re a top trend this season!  If you prefer a flat version there is one available as well in the Gloria.

Sezane Gold Sandals in Gloria Flat Version | Sandals To Wear With Summer Dresses

Hortense High Sandals

Here’s another gold pair of sandals for a summer dress! These are high heels with lots of interlocking straps for added visual interest.

You could wear these heeled sandals with any summer dress you want to look more polished. Just imagine how these beautiful sandals could elevate this slip dress or this belted shirt dress

Ines Low Mules

These summer mules have a minimalist overall look, but aren’t without those signature Parisian details. The straps are knotted for a design that’s casual but chic. They’re another perfect additional to your trendy gold shoe collection!

And, don’t just think you should purchase them because they’re fashionable. I believe in investing in high-quality, timeless pieces and gold sandals that are always going to work with your French girl style. 

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Rosa Low Sandals

Woven sandals are a summer essential because they have a beachy look that pairs well with most summer dresses. The slight heel on the Rosa Sandal is ideal for keeping you comfortable while giving you a flattering lift. Both the natural leather and gold would work well for summer looks!   

Annabelle Sandals

As much as I love neutral shoes because of their versatility, summer warrants a little bit of color from a statement shoe. These Annabelle Sandals are bright orange and have a strappy design that makes them feel youthful yet sophisticated.

If you want inspiration on how to style these, use them to add a pop of color to a denim dress or complement the color palette of a floral dress

Woman wearing white dress with denim jacket and sandals.

Ines Sandal

These classic Tory Burch heeled sandals are a smart addition to your collection of easy, laid-back summer shoes. In any of the three neutral colors, they’re versatile, comfortable, and flattering. The white or tan options specifically will elevate any summer dress in your closet. 

Lenny Low Mules

For casual summer dresses, platform slides are a good choice. Something like these Lenny Low Mules will give you sophisticated Parisian flair while still allowing you to explore, run errands, or complete any other task you have for the day.

They’re the perfect busy day shoe! Pair it with something with a relaxed silhouette like an oversized shirt dress or a linen kaftan mini dress

Natacha Sandals

Here’s another heeled woven sandal option! The raffia provides a coastal feel, but the pointed geometric shape ensures it remains polished, balancing a refined and relaxed look.

They come in neutral, gold, or bright green—all of which would be versatile in a Parisian-inspired summer capsule. These would perfectly elevate a beachy white dress or a classic floral summer dress. 

The City Sandal

Suede shoes are in every French girl’s closet and they can definitely work for summer. I love these Margaux New York City Sandals, because they have classic feminine style to go with plenty of outfits.

Plus, they come in several colors, so if you like them you can stock up, because these timeless sandals will never go out of style. Grab a neutral option or something with summer color for your summer dresses. 

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Can You Wear Suede Sandals In Summer?

Absolutely! Suede can seem like a heavy, cool-weather-only material, but when styled the right way there’s no reason it can’t work for summer. In fact, French girls have been donning suede sandals for years in summer, so it’s time we catch on! 

Choose a minimal, feminine sandal that provides a pop of summer color for your seasonal looks. Of course, you can grab the light pink City Sandals, but I also think these Judith Sandals, are perfect. All these are suede but scream summer chic. 

Stock your French-inspired summer collection with some classic sandals!

As you can see, many sandal styles out there can elevate your wardrobe, especially if you’re looking for something to go with your summer dresses. Each one of these will add sophisticated flair and stylistic balance to keep you looking and feeling like a true French girl!

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  1. I would love a link to the black dress you are wearing with the French Sole sandals! It’s super-cute!

      1. Thank you so much! It’s out of stock but I joined the waitlist….it looks like the perfect summer dress for just about everything!!! Also I enjoy your blog, IG account and just all thing French-inspired that you share!! 🇫🇷

  2. Thank you, for your great Articles, love hearing about your time in Paris, and clothes! Wish I was there with you! Have a great and safe 4th weekend 😀

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