French Fridays Edition No. 8

French Fridays Edition No. 8

Eiffel Tower in the distance | French Fridays Edition No. 8

Bienvenue and welcome to French Fridays Edition No. 8, where you will find interesting links to read, French-inspired looks for the week ahead, and a petite plaisir.

If you come across any articles about Paris, French fashion, France, or living a French lifestyle that you think I should know about, please send me an email or DM.

French-Inspired Looks Of The Week

This week’s looks are inspired by looks I’ve seen on the streets of Paris this week. While sitting at the café enjoying my coffee one morning, I saw this lady walk by in the most beautiful green linen top and matching pants with gold sandals. So, I had to find a way to recreate the outfit because it was gorgeous.

French Fridays Edition No. 8


French inspired items


Petit Plaisir

One of my favorite moments from the week.

lifes little pleasures

Petit Plaisir

One of our last lunches in Paris we went to Le Jardin at Cheval Blanc which had a beautiful view of the city. Although, the food wasn’t amazing the view certainly was and we enjoyed our last bit of Paris. It was wonderful sitting on the terrace and looking out over the city and reflecting on our amazing month.

View of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

On My Paris List

Interior shot of Ralphs in Paris.

Ralph’s Paris has opened a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing coffee shop right before you step into Ralph’s restaurant. It originally started as a pop-up during the holidays but has made such an impression that it’s now permanent. Beautifully decorated throughout each season, this is a place to stop for a morning or afternoon coffee.

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