French Girl Straw Bags To Carry This Spring

French Girl Straw Bags To Carry This Spring

Want to nail French girl style this Spring? Here are 16 straw bags to carry this Spring to look like a French girl. Once the weather starts turning warmer and Spring is on the way, I love to bring out my straw bag.

Look at or read any article about French Girl style in Spring and Summer and you will always see a straw bag as one of the items they are carrying.

Straw bags are used not only in the South of France during the Summer months but also in the city. You will see people carrying straw bags to the farmer’s markets or just around Paris in general.

There are many different types of straw bags you can get and many different price points. Everything from luxury brands to high street brands (Mango, H&M, Zara) all carry different options of straw bags during Spring and Summer.

One thing I love about straw bags is how versatile they are for Spring and Summer. You can wear them easily with jeans and a tee as well as a dress and sandals. A great straw tote is always a smart investment because you will carry it for years.

Where To Purchase French Girl Straw Bags

If you’re looking for more of a luxury straw bag, then look at Celine, YSL, and Chloe for the prettiest options. You can also try online stores such as Net A Porter, Shopbop, Nordstrom, or Saks Fifth Avenue. If you’d like to try a luxury bag that’s gently used, then look at sites like The Real Real and Fashionphile. There are some great gently used luxury bags, so don’t be afraid to buy second-hand.

For more affordable options check places like Mango, Zara, H&M, and Other Stories. I also love and have this bag from Sèzane as well.

Where To Buy An Authentic French Market Tote

Wanting an authentic French market tote? Well, if you can’t make it to the South of France anytime soon then try ETSY for a great and beautiful selection of French straw bags. I have this bag and it’s beautiful and incredibly made. This bag goes to the farmer’s market with me all Summer long.

16 different straw bags to carry this Spring which are French Girl.

16 French Girl Straw Bags For Spring

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