5 Favorite Parisian Cafés To Visit

Café life in Paris is a central and vital part of French culture. They are places where you come for your morning espresso before work and your evening apéro after work. Today, I am sharing 5 favorite Parisian cafés to visit.

Cafés are places where coworkers meet, first dates take place, and endless conversations happen. They are also great places to people watch and see what kind of Parisian fashion is walking down the street.

Each neighborhood has its own set of cafés which are all different and unique. Most are open every day and until the late hours of the night. Cafés also have their own set of dining etiquette, which you can read more about here.

I have spent my fair share of time at cafés, yet there are 5 Parisian cafés I visit on every trip and ones I always recommend.

5 Favorite Parisian Cafés To Visit

Parisian Cafés To Visit

Café de Flore

One of the most iconic cafés on the left bank, Café de Flore, has been a Parisian institution since the 1880s. The café notably became popular when it started to become a regular place for many famous writers, philosophers, and literary types in the early 1900s.

The café is one of the more touristy ones in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area, however, locals also still eat at this café. You will find though they prefer to sit inside the café. Even being touristy, this is still one of my favorite Parisian cafés to visit during my trip.

My favorite time to go here is for breakfast first thing in the morning. I love to sit on the outdoor terrace or inside if it’s too chilly. I usually try and go when it first opens to beat the crowds.

Just be aware that you may not receive the best service here due to the fact they know most of the people are tourists, especially if you’re sitting outside. However, it’s incredibly picture-worthy both outside and inside for the art deco decor. Don’t forget to also check out the upstairs, which is where the bathrooms are also located.

Café de Flore

172 Bd Saint-Germain, 75006

Les Deux Magots

Another iconic café which happens to be right next door to Café de Flore, is Les Deux Magots. Les Deux Magots is perfectly situated on the corner and the perfect place to people-watch. Try and get a table on the corner spot close to the street if you can.

This is my favorite café in all of Paris, as this was the first café Nathan and I came to on our first trip to Paris. We would sit here every day for hours with a bottle of wine and just watch everyone go by.

Over the years, this café has become more and more popular and there are times when there’s a line to sit on the terrace. The food here is actually really good but it’s also a bit pricey for a café as well since it’s in the Saint-Germain area.

Les Deux Magots

6 Pl. Saint-Germain des Prés, 75006

Cafe St. Régis

Located on the charming island of Île Saint-Louis, the Saint Régis Café, is so incredibly charming and picturesque both inside and outside.

This is a café we frequented quite a bit during our month-long stay in Paris. We would come in the morning for café crème and the best œufs brouillés (scrambeled eggs). If they are serving brunch on the day you go, make sure to order the pancakes.

Inside, you’ll find all the Parisian charm of subway tile, checkerboard flooring, small table lamps, chairs and tables with patina, and a friendly staff. You feel almost as if you’ve stepped back into time.

It’s cozy and quaint and someplace you could stay for hours either sipping your morning coffee or an afternoon wine.

Saint Régis Café

6 Rue Jean du Bellay, 75004

Le Bonaparte

My other favorite Parisian café to visit in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area is Le Bonaparte. Located on the corner of Rue Bonaparte among the cobblestone streets, this charming café is known for its red, white, and blue awning and matching café chairs.

This is my favorite café during the evening when the chic Saint Germain crowd comes after work for their evening apéro. I love to start here with a glass of Sancerre or Champagne and people watch.

I also love to come here in the morning time for a café crème when it’s nice and quiet and before the area gets too busy.

Le Bonaparte is another picturesque café so come prepared to snap away.

Le Bonaparte Café

42 Rue Bonaparte, 75006

Le Nemours

Located in the 1st arrondissement between the Louvre and the Jardins du Palais-Royal, is Le Nemours. Talk about a great people-watching cafe any time of the day, the heated terrace is a great way to start before walking over to the Palais-Royal.

I like to have a café crème with a tartine for breakfast and Caesar salad for lunch here. Mostly, I just love to sit here and watch everyone go by. It’s such a great mix of crowds here and different from the cafés on the other side of the river.

Le Nemours

2 à 7 Galerie de Nemours, 2 Place Colette, 75001

You can see the rest of my favorite Parisian cafés and more of my favorite places to eat in Paris when you become part of the La Vie On Grand Membership.

These are my 5 favorite Parisian cafés to visit, I would love to know yours!


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