Stylish Handbags For Fall 2022

Handbags To Carry For Fall

Handbags are my absolute favorite accessory to discuss and shop for. I don’t necessarily follow the latest handbag trends for fall 2022 or actually any season. I prefer to invest in quality handbags that I can use year after year and purchase handbags that are timeless and chic.

Going along with the French philosophy of simple, high-quality basic items that are versatile, timeless, and classic. The French aren’t big on fashion trends.

They prefer to focus more on investing in items that will last for years to come and not something that will go out of style after one season.

What To Consider Before Buying A Handbag

There are a few things to think about before you purchase a handbag for fall. Because, just like a great pair of denim and a basic t-shirt, a handbag is the ultimate accessory to any outfit. You can easily dress up a casual outfit with a versatile handbag or it can be the finishing touch on an evening outfit.

The first thing to always think about is what you will be using the handbag for. Is it an everyday basic handbag, something more like a tote for work, or a smaller, sleek leather bag for evenings? What’s your lifestyle like? If you’re hauling around a bunch of kids all day, it probably doesn’t make sense to carry a small baguette bag.

Next, consider your budget and how much you want to invest in your bag. If it’s a bag you want to keep for years and don’t want to replace every season then I would recommend investing in more of a classic designer bag. Or, if you want something more trendy for the season then maybe that’s a handbag you don’t spend as much on.

Also, consider the color and texture of your bag as well. Again if it’s a more trendy bag for the fall season, then go with a brighter color and maybe a fringe or suede texture. If it’s an investment bag then go for a neutral color with a classic silhouette and either a shoulder or crossbody.

Investment Bags

Think of investment bags as those which will stand the test of time. These bags aren’t part of fall trends, but rather fall handbags you can still use years from now.

Iconic bags that come to mind are French brands like Chanel, YSL, and Celine. These are bags women have been carrying for years because they are still stylish, the quality is impeccable, and the bags are incredibly versatile.

An investment bag can instantly change an outfit, even basic denim, and a t-shirt looks elevated and classic with an investment bag. Just like wardrobe essentials, a handbag is very much an important part of the equation.

Some of my favorite investment bags are the YSL Camera Bag, great for everyday use as well as the Celine Belt Bag.

Everyday Bags

When thinking of purchasing an everyday bag you want to make sure it’s one that you will reach for over and over. It’s not a special occasion handbag but one that goes with you everywhere.

Also think about if you want the bag to be a shoulder bag, tote, or crossbody. If you’re someone heading back to the office maybe you carry a classic work tote with a smaller bag inside of your essentials.

This is where I would definitely think about lifestyle and what’s realistic to use throughout the day. I tend to rotate my everyday bags several times during the week based on what I am wearing, however, I have a few which are my go-to everyday bags.

A few brands which carry some beautiful-looking everyday bags are Cuyana, Tory Burch, Mango, Sézane, and Polène Paris.

Here are my favorite classic handbags to carry for the fall and autumn seasons.

Evening Bags

For those special occasion bags or ones to carry on a date night or girls’ night out here are some favorite evening bags.

I tend to go with a black evening back that’s smaller and just carries the essentials like a phone, lipstick, and a small wallet. You can also go with a small everyday bag just as well for an evening out. I also love a beautiful black clutch as well.

Tote Bags

A tote bag is a perfect all-around option if you’re looking for a work-plus everyday bag. Some beautiful tote bags are the Cuyana Everday Tote, the classic Madewell Transport Tote, and my personal favorite a Lonchamp Pilage Tote.

If you love the idea of a tote but don’t like the idea of your stuff being all over the bottom of the bag, then just add a tote organizer like this one from Amazon.

Fall Handbags Under $500

If investment handbags aren’t in your budget but you’re still looking for a handbag with a bit more quality these are all great options. There are even a few bags that have designer aesthetics like this A.P.C. Grace bag which could be a dupe for the Celine box bag. I have this A.P.C. bag and it’s beautiful and the leather is gorgeous. It’s a bit small honestly for an everyday bag but I still use it when I don’t need to carry a lot of stuff around.

Another great dupe would be a Tory Burch Chevron for a quilted Chanel bag but at half the cost.

Sézane always has beautiful handbags made with quality and the look is classic and timeless. Whenever I am in Paris, I always scope out Parisian street style which includes several Sézane handbags. I love the classic look of the Milo, the chic look of the Croco Victor, and the Farrow Bucket which I have.

Fall HandBags Under $100

Here are some bags all priced under $100 for the fall season. They may not be the best quality but they are still neutral-looking bags to carry throughout the season.

Mango has some great bags under $100 which look like they cost more. I carried a bag similar to this one here all season last year. It was a stylish-looking option with an affordable price tag.

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