Top 25 Travel Essentials for Women

Travel Essentials for Women

When it comes to traveling for me, one of the best parts is the planning process. I love to not only plan the trip but plan what I am packing as well. There are certain items I always include in my trips and today I wanted to share my top travel essentials for women.

What Essentials to Pack

Of course, what I pack depends on where I am going. For shorter trips maybe I’ll take an overnight bag like this one or I’ve also used this one as well but sometimes the bottom can get bulky with shoes. I’ve also learned over the years what I can and can’t live without on trips. Most importantly, I’ve learned what items I need to pack to help me make the most of my trip. The last thing anyone wants on vacation is to be running around because they forgot something at home.

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Where Are You Going

Also, think about where you are traveling. Are you staying in the states or going abroad? Packing abroad requires a whole lot of other things like an adapter, maybe an eye mask so you can sleep. I also like to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste when on a long flight. One of the best investments I’ve made for traveling is a travel-size hair straightener and flat iron. My hair accessories take up so much room in my luggage that a smaller size has helped so much. And, I hardly ever pack a hair dryer if I am staying at a hotel as most of them have hair dryers in the room.

Top 25 Travel Essentials For Women

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  1. Silk Sleep Mask– I use one of these masks to sleep with every night and I have for years. They are especially useful on a plane when you want to sleep. Plus, the silk feels amazing on my face.

  2. Paravel Weekender Bag– Several years ago I invested in a weekender bag and I am so happy I did. They are great for a few nights away when you don’t want to lug around a suitcase. But, they are also great as a carryon that fits my mer sea wrap, travel pillow, eye mask, book, and my laptop. Plus, there’s still extra room leftover. There are so many great weekender bags out there now. I love this one because it’s stylish and made from 12 recycled water bottles.

  3. Mer Sea Wrap– I never fly without my mer sea cashmere wrap. It’s so comfy and since I am always cold on planes, it keeps me warm. A great wrap is always needed.

  4. Longchamp Pliage Tote– This is the perfect bag for travel and I have used one for years. First, it’s Nylon so easy to wipe dirt off. Besides all my normal essentials I also carry my camera and several other heavy items in this bag. No matter how many leather bags I have, this will always be my favorite travel bag.

  5. Jewelry Box– I am pretty particular when it comes to packing my jewelry. I always pack it in a box like this and I never pack it in my suitcase. I always put it in my carry on. Several years ago after getting frustrated with all my necklaces getting tangled I purchased a jewelry box for travel and have never regretted the decision.

  6. SONY Headphones– These over the ear headphones are great for noise cancellation, something my Apple ear pods don’t provide on flights. This pair is Nathan’s hand me downs but I was happy to take them. If you want complete noise cancellation I recommend investing in a pair like these.

  7. Charger Carrying Case– If you’re like me, you have what seems like a million charging cords when traveling. This will help keep them all corralled in one location and easy to find. This is one of those things that makes traveling so much more organized.

  8. Melatonin– These help when sleep is needed in a new city or even for the plane.

  9. Probiotics– I like to take a probiotic especially when I travel and am off my regular eating schedule. A friend ordered these for me but there are lots of over the counter options, just make sure to get one that doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

  10. Sisley Eye Mask– I use this eye mask for long flights or when I am feeling really dehydrated. It helps with puffiness, dark circles, and signs of fatigue.

  11. Caudalíe Moisturizing Mask– This is another mask I use for long flights, I just put the mask on before the flight and leave it on the entire time. I tend to get very dehydrated when flying and this mask helps keep my face moisturized.

  12. Travel Steamer– I always take a travel steamer with me because you never know if the place you’re staying will have an iron or not. This steamer specifically is great for traveling abroad because it’s dual voltage. Otherwise, you can buy a cheaper one as well if you’re not traveling internationally.

  13. Hair Straightener– Whenever I am packing I always feel like my hair tools take up the most room. This travel straightener is perfect for travel anywhere in the world. All you need is an adapter and you won’t blow your straightener out. I learned this the hard way the first time we went to Europe. I blew out my straightener the first day because I wasn’t aware of the voltage restrictions on most hair appliances. Trust me, it’s worth the investment so this doesn’t happen to you.

  14. Curling Iron– The curling iron is also auto world voltage as well. I hardly ever pack a hair dryer as most places have them available. I would just call to double check.

  15. Travel Pillow– One of the best and most comfortable travel pillows I’ve come across. Everyone has their comfort level but I love this one has memory foam and prevents my head from falling forward. It also comes with an eye mask but I use this one instead.

  16. Toothpaste– On long flights especially I like to brush my teeth before we arrive anywhere.

  17. Toothbrush– Any toothbrush will do obviously but I like the look of this one.

  18. Water Bottle– Most airports these days have refillable water stations. I always carry a water bottle so I don’t have to pay $4 for a plastic bottle of water.

  19. Hand Wipes– Always a good reminder to carry these for travel but I think most of us are doing that these days.

  20. Travel Wallet– This is personal preference but I like all my travel documents to be organized in one place. This wallet holds my passport, cards, travel documents, money, and a place for a pen when I have to fill out those customs forms.

  21. TSA Approved Lock– There are certain locks you can buy which TSA has a universal key to in case they want to inspect your luggage. You can find several different options on Amazon.

  22. Adapter– This is a great adapter to use because it has a self resetting fuse in case you blow the fuse from your hair tools (straightener, curling iron). These tools have a heavy amp draw so they can blow the fuse on regular adapters. See my story about the hair straightener above.

  23. Travel Camera Case– This is the travel camera bag I use for my Sony A6400 because it’s light and compact and I can easily carry in my purse.

  24. Hanging Toiletry Bag– For small hotels and bathrooms this is a great option for all your toiletries.

  25. Slippers– On long flights especially, I like to pack a pair of slippers to wear while I sleep. Then I also have the slippers when I get to my hotel.

Also, don’t forget things like Passport, Vaccination Card (if needed), money, and a portable charger.

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