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We Are Heading To Paris, Provence, and London

Paris, Provence, and London

Finally, we are heading to Paris, Provence, and London after all this time. This is a trip we have been talking about for almost 4 years now.

We are going with some of our best friends and are so incredibly excited for what’s to come.

It’s London’s first time in Europe and she can’t wait to see the Eiffel Tower, eat all the bread, and see London of course.

Nathan hasn’t been back to Europe for 6 years since my 40th birthday trip in Paris, so he’s obviously more than excited.

We have the most amazing 20 days planned and I can’t wait to experience each and every moment and take it all in.

Our trip starts in Paris for 4 days, then we head to Provence where we will stay for a little over a week. Then Marseille for a few days and then we all head to London for the duration.

There are so many moving parts of our trip, it’s literally planes, trains, and automobiles. Our packing needs to be at a minimum since we are moving around so much.

I have been planning outfits all weekend and how I can mix and match and maximize everything. This gave me a great idea to share daily outfits with you guys.

The weather in Paris right now is very hot but when we land it will be in the high 70s during the day and 60s at night. In Provence, it will be in the 80s during the day and 60s at night. London will be in the 70s during the day and 50s at night.

Each day, I’ll post a reel of my outfit for that day and then link everything on the blog so be sure to check back daily at the end. Also, make sure you’re following me on Instagram so you don’t miss anything.

I plan on taking you guys along every step of the way. Of course, I want to be present at the moment, especially being London’s first trip. However, I am going to capture as much as I can for you all.

This is a trip of a lifetime and we are so excited to be experiencing every single moment.

This week, I’ll be sharing all my packing lists for you plus what London is packing.

Keep checking back for everything daily in Paris, Provence, and London.

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