Favorite French Inspired Things At Disneyworld

Favorite French Inspired Things At Disneyworld

Disneyworld is one of our favorite places to go for many reasons and it’s also a place you can find many French-inspired things to do and places to eat. Having just returned from several days, I thought I would share all my French favorites from the happiest place.

In Epcot, at the World Showcase, you can visit the country of France and see the Eiffel Tower ( mini version of course). Most of the people who work in the country of France at Epcot are actually from France. They are part of a year-long work program with Disney.

I love it because they want to practice English and I want to practice French, so it works out for both of us. This is one of my favorite things about Epcot because I enjoy talking with them about where they are from in France and the cultural differences between the two countries.

In case you are headed to Disneyworld anytime soon and are looking for French-inspired things to do, here are my favorites.

French Inspired Hotel At Disneyworld

The Riviera Hotel

The Riviera Hotel is one of the most beautiful we’ve stayed at when we go to Disneyworld. There are so many French touches of elegance and glamour throughout the hotel and in the rooms.

For coffee and croissants in the morning, you can visit the Le Petit Café. For dinner or a glass of champagne, eat at Topolino’s Terrace on the roof, watch the Epcot fireworks, and have the Classic Sole Meunière.

One of my favorite touches is the Disney songs they play in French throughout the hotel. It’s so fun listening to all these songs we know and love, but in French. They sound much more beautiful.

French Inspired Places To Eat At Magic Kingdom

There’s really one French-inspired place at Magic Kingdom to eat and that’s Be Our Guest, which is one of our favorites. It’s based on Beauty and the Beast and is a Prix Fixe menu with several traditional French dishes, wine, and desserts. You must make a reservation, this is one of the most popular restaurants at Disneyworld.

French Inspired Places At Epcot

Epcot is personally my favorite park because it has the most French things to offer. From food to shops, even champagne tasting. There are many places to choose from to eat, some more pricey than others and some take away.

And, there are several shops all selling French favorites like perfume, silk scarves (with a Disney twist), and clothes.

Les Halles Boulangerie

Here you can find everything from chocolate croissants to fruit tarts to baguettes. We love to go here in the morning to grab breakfast or in the afternoon for a snack.

Les Chefs de France

Classic French bistro serving all the traditional dishes, open for lunch or dinner. We personally love to eat dinner here at the end of a long day. Sitting in this quaint bistro like the ones in Paris, having a glass of wine, and enjoying the atmosphere.

Monsieur Paul

An upscale French restaurant, which is Prix Fixe and very pricey. This is not a restaurant I would take a child to eat since it’s prix fixe. We have eaten here one time and it was incredible, but not something we would do every time by any means considering the price.

La Crêperie de Paris

A great place if you’re wanting crêpes for any meal. You can either sit down at the restaurant or go to the takeaway window if you’re wanting something quick. The offering is a bit different at the takeaway window.

Impressions de France

An 18-minute film all about France, its people, and its culture. We watch this film every single time and basically have it memorized at this point. However, it’s a beautiful way to learn about France plus it helps if you need a break at some point during the day.

Les Vins

One of the many shops located in France offering a wide array of French products like soaps, kitchen accessories, and toys for kids. However, my favorite part of the store is the wine and champagne tasting that’s offered.

You can either get a glass of wine or champagne by the glass or do a champagne flight. We always end up here during the middle of the day for a glass of champagne to cool off.

Les Vins des Chefs de France

There is also a quick service in front of the Les Chefs de France offering tasting drinks like Frosé and other classic French cocktails.

What I packed For Disneyworld

The way I pack for Disneyworld is the way I pack in general. I don’t wear anything out of the ordinary and I don’t pack for a theme park necessarily. So I take clothes I wear every day, which are comfortable.

I think even if it’s a theme park, there are ways you can still pack classic and polished. You don’t have to dress like you’re at a theme park unless, of course, you want to. Here are the main items I packed for Disneyworld.


I decided to take my new AWAY Luggage pieces along on this trip to test them out. Since we were going for just 5 days, I knew I could pack everything in a carry-on. I have the Bigger Carry-On, The Everywhere Bag, this Truffle clear toiletry case, and these Packing Cubes.


Disneyworld is all about walking, so having comfortable shoes is key. I always take along these VEJA mesh sneakers, which are incredibly comfortable, and I call them my Disney sneakers. I also wore these Isabel Marant Beth sneakers on the plane so had those as well.

Since it’s warm in Orlando, I always pack a pair of sandals to wear to dinner or around the hotel. I packed these Sézane sandals (another option) from last summer, which are very comfortable and the color goes great with everything.



I mostly packed tanks, and several blouses for dinners and, I also wore this Frank & Eileen to the parks one day. The weather can sometimes be a bit cool in the morning, so I like to pack a small jacket or sweater as well. I also packed this J.Crew dress as well but didn’t have a chance to wear it due to the weather.

During the days we went to the parks, I wore these J.Crew shorts and also these J.Crew linen pants as well. Plus, I wore these MOTHER jeans on the plane and had those to wear as well.



We always end up at the pool each day to take a little break. I packed my favorite one-piece J.Crew swimsuit, which I have in black and navy, and also this coverup.


For accessories, I packed a pair of sunglasses which I wouldn’t be too upset about if they were lost. Also, this Sézane Claude Bag is a nice crossbody that’s light enough to carry around during the day with just the essentials. And, I packed this navy hat for the pool.


6 Tips for Disneyworld

You can find endless tips for Disney all over, here are my top 6 that have helped us along the way over the years.

  1. I always say Disneyworld is like Paris regarding what you can expect. It’s all about timing and expectations.
  2. Pick a time of the year to go when it’s less likely to be busy. Don’t go during hectic times like Spring Break, Christmas, or even summer when it’s super hot.
  3. Have expectations going into the trip of what your kids will tolerate. Don’t expect them to go for 12 hours a day without complaining, getting upset, hungry every second, and wanting every toy possible at some point.
  4. You don’t have to go from park open to park close. We prefer going to the parks in the morning until after lunch. Then, we head back to the pool hotel for several hours, after everyone takes a power nap, shower, and then back to a park for dinner. It’s much more enjoyable this way.
  5. You can instacart groceries to your hotel room. Things like bottled water, snacks, cold coffee, whatever you need. This helps cut down on expenses a little and you have what you need in your room.
  6. Make food reservations for places you think you might want to eat at, even if you aren’t sure you will need them. The popular restaurants fill up quickly and it’s difficult to do a walk up to most of them.

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