French Fridays Edition No. 5

French Fridays Edition No. 5

Bienvenue and welcome to French Fridays Edition No. 5, where you will find interesting links to read, French-inspired looks for the week ahead, and a petite plaisir.

Outside exterior of a boulangerie in Paris.

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French-Inspired Looks Of The Week

This week’s looks are inspired by looks I’ve seen in Provence during our time there.

French Fridays Edition No. 5 | French inspired looks for the week.


French inspired looks of the week with dresses and shorts. | French Fridays Edition No. 5


Petit Plaisir

One of my favorite moments from the week.

lifes little pleasures

Petit Plaisir

We spent several days in Provence this week, and it was incredibly relaxing and beautiful. One evening, instead of a big dinner, we opted for a picnic on the terrace of our bed and breakfast. We picked up a few necessities in town that day, olives, wine, bread, and cheese, and sat outside for several hours, enjoying the moment.

Petit Plaisir

On My Paris List

Restaurant in Paris Escargot

One restaurant I’ve always wanted to try in Paris is L’Escargot, on Rue Montorgueil, in the 1st. Besides being known for escargot, the restaurant has been open since 1832 and is a neighborhood legend.

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