French Fridays Edition No. 6

French Fridays Edition No. 6

Bienvenue and welcome to French Fridays Edition No. 6, where you will find interesting links to read, French-inspired looks for the week ahead, and a petite plaisir.

CHEESE PLATTER ON A TABLE | French Fridays Edition No. 6

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French-Inspired Looks Of The Week

This week’s looks are inspired by looks I’ve seen in Provence during our time there.

French Fridays Edition No. 6 | French inspired looks of the week


Graphic of looks from French Fridays which are Parisian inspired.


Petit Plaisir

One of my favorite moments from the week.

lifes little pleasures

Petit Plaisir

One of my favorite exhibits in Paris is the Galerie Dior. It’s a beautiful tribute to Christian Dior and features many of his amazing creations over the years. We went this time because London fell in love with it last year, and this was her request for this year. This is my third time going, and it’s a little different each time, yet still so incredibly breathtaking. If you are visiting Paris, you want to add this to your list.

Petit Plaisir

On My Paris List

Disneyland Paris exterior.

One place we’ve never visited in Paris is Disneyland Paris, which is ironic considering we are big Disney fans and visit Disneyworld once a year. It’s on our list this time to visit for the day since it’s a quick 40-minute train ride from Paris.

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  1. Thank you for your Friday inspirations. It’s wonderful to find someone who fits my style perfectly. I was interested to know source of the crescent black Crossbody bag in this weeks edition. I will be using ideas in this capsule for my trip to England next month. Merci!

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