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French Fridays Week 4

French Fridays

I am excited to share a new series with you, French Fridays. Sharing everything French that I’ve loved the past week in style, food, beauty, finds, and favorite places in Paris to know.

French Style

Always inspired by the French girl style, I love finding ways to recreate looks that inspire me like this chic and timeless outfit for Fall.

I love a great Houndstooth blazer for Fall which is masculine yet still comes across as very chic and classic. Go for shades of brown, beige, and black worn with a pair of straight-leg denim and black ballet flats.

The Celine bag is a beautiful color combination of tan and black with the blazer but if that’s not in your budget then opt for a solid color in the same shape.

Graphic Showing French Girl Inspired Look of Houndstooth Blazer, White Button Down, Denim, Quilted Black Ballet Flats, Houndstooth Blazer, and White Button Down

French Recipe

Lately, I’ve been craving Madeleine’s from the Ritz Paris so I decided to make some the other day. I followed Julia Child’s recipe (this one from Sally’s Baking is a similar version as well), and although mine looked nothing like Julia’s or the Ritz’s we still enjoyed them.

They are actually quite easy to make and would be a delicious treat for this weekend. I made some homemade whip cream and added a scoop along with some blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.

French Finds

Lots of great sales for this holiday French Fridays Week 4, from some of my favorite French retailers. These are all classic pieces you would have for years to come.

I wanted these ba&sh Paris boots since April but have been waiting for them to go on sale and now they are marked down to 50% off. Another great Houndstooth blazer is this one from Sandro which is on major sale, what a classic piece to have.

The other item is such a cute little find for your pet(s), a BONE-JOUR dog bowl from Anthropologie. I purchased this to use as a water bowl for our dogs and it couldn’t be any cuter.

French Beauty

Bottle of Nuxe Body Oil

NUXE body oil was my very first purchase from a French pharmacy in 2009. I had seen it in a magazine about French beauty and just remember wondering how I could purchase a bottle.

I cherished that first bottle because at that time you couldn’t purchase NUXE online in the states. Some people either love body oil or don’t. I personally have tried several and this is still the one I love best.

I love the smell and the feel of the oil and use it on my body, hands, and feet, and put it in my hair after the shower.

This is also one of those beauty items you’ll find in most French women’s beauty cabinets.

Favorite Places In Paris To Know

Since I was talking about craving Madeleines from the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir, it’s definitely a place to visit when in Paris. The Madeleines are probably the best I’ve ever had in my life. Plus, the interior is absolutely gorgeous.

You can’t go wrong with any of the flavors but my favorite is the Caramel, Chocolate, Rasberry, and Passion. Besides the Madeleines there are so many other kinds of pastries you can eat there to box up and take with you.

I brought home a box last time and I think they lasted all of 10 minutes before everyone ate them all.

Au Revoir and Bonne Weekend(Good Weekend)


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