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Shop For Basics

Basics are the great foundation and building blocks of any wardrobe. I am sharing with you where I shop for basics and what I buy from each place.

For me, I didn’t start to appreciate a good basic until about 5 years ago probably when I started to notice I was gravitating more toward the same type of clothing piece over and over.

Trends will come and go, but good basics will last for years to come. Especially if you invest in good quality basics. Basics are the one constant you can have in a wardrobe, and you will always have something to wear.

This could be one reason why I gravitate toward the French fashion philosophy so much, which is to invest in better items that will last you. Classic and timeless pieces you will have for years to come. You can read more about the French Wardrobe Basic Essentials here.

Each of the places I buy basics from is because I love what the brand represents, the quality is great, and they are basics I will wear for years to come.

Where I Shop For Basics with a brown blazer, black jeans

Where I Shop For Basics And What I Buy

Sézane Basics

My favorite French brand to buy basics from because of the quality, timelessness, customer service, and shipping.

Classic Sézane basics that I own and highly recommend.




Sizing Guides for Sézane


Everlane Basics – What I Buy

Everlane is where I shop for basic cashmere and cotton sweaters as well as t-shirts, and blazers.

TOPS I wear are the Silky Cotton Relaxed, Cashmere Crew, Oversized Alpaca, Half Zip Sweater, and Basic Cotton T-Shirt.

My favorite BOTTOMS from Everlane are The Original Cheeky Jean(I own in 3 colors) and the straight leg crop.

Everlane BLAZERS like the Oversized Grey, are my favorite pieces to buy from the retailer. They are great quality, fit nicely, feel good, are easy to layer, and have a great price point in my opinion for what you get.



Cuyana Basics

Cuyana is a woman-built company big on sustainability and quality. I started using Cuyana totes about nine years ago and still have the tote to this day( it’s no longer available).

A few of my favorite TOPS from Cuyana are the Silk Cami, Pima Scoop Neck, Poplin Overlay, and the Long Sleeve Tee.

The BOTTOMS I have and love are the Washable Silk Pant and PONTE Pant.


AYR Basics

AYR stands for All Year Round, which means exactly what it states. Pieces you can wear all year round because they are classic basics.

This is a new brand to me as of last year and its mission is to be an alternative to fast fashion. A few of the pieces I have bought from this brand so far are this White Button Down(you can never have too many), The Metropolitan Pant, and The French Fry.

I am interested in trying more pieces from this brand over the Fall season and will continue to let you know what I think.


Jenni Kayne Basics – What I Buy

This is a brand I just started purchasing from last year as well because the prices tend to be much higher than in other places I shop.

However, I am at the point where I am willing to invest more in great basics because I know they will last and I will get my money’s worth.

At this point, all I’ve worn from Jenni Kayne are the SWEATERS, which are raved about and for good reason. They are definitely investment sweaters but they are completely worth it in my opinion. I kind of wish I would have started wearing them sooner.

The ones I’ve invested in and love are the Cotton Cocoon Cardigan, Cotton Fisherman, and Alpaca Cocoon Cardigan.

SHOP Jenni Kayne

Madewell Basics

I have to admit that I don’t buy as much from Madewell as I used to in years past. I feel like some of the quality is lacking but I have bought many basics from them, so thought I should include them.

The items I do tend to buy from Madewell still are their BOTTOMS, which include the denim pieces which are so incredibly good for the price point. Madewell denim is one that everyone who tries them on loves and they look great on everybody.

My absolute favorite type is the Perfect Vintage Jean which I have in 5 different washes because they are that good. Madewell has amazing sales throughout the year where you can get the denim for up to 30% sometimes.

Some TOPS that are great pieces are a classic White Button Down and Denim Button-Up.

This Leather Jacket is also an amazing basic and so good, I’ve had mine for 4 years now.


This is my list of where I shop for basics but I would love to know where you shop for your basics and if there’s someplace I need to add to my list.

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