How To Create Emanuelle Alt’s Signature Style

Emanuelle Alt’s Signature Style

When anyone mentions French-style icons, Emanuelle Alt and her signature style often come to mind.

Emanuelle Alt is the former Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Paris and has become quite the style icon over the years. Her signature style is easily recognized and she is known for outfit repeating.

Over the years, she has become a huge style inspiration for me and I often find myself pinning her looks to recreate in my own way. Like Alt, my absolute favorite style is a blazer, jeans, flats, or a kitten heel.

Besides being the uber French cool lady, her style is consistent, polished, timeless, and a bit edgy at times. She can easily wear the same black blazer 3 days in a row and it still looks incredibly effortless and chic.

Personally, the most amazing thing to me about her is that when she was the editor of Vogue Paris she could have worn any designer she wanted. She could have dressed in ballgowns, glitz, and glamour.

Yet, in true French fashion, she sticks to what works for her style. Effortless, classic, and she is a great example of mixing items that are versatile and work well together.

What’s A Signature Style

A signature style is more than fashion, it’s not trendy and it doesn’t fade away. There are so many trends that have come and gone but a signature style is about standing the test of time.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Yves Saint Laurent

Not only does a signature style last but it also gives you the confidence to know how you are dressing every day. This doesn’t mean your style can’t evolve over time but it’s how people would describe what you wear and how you look.

Emanuelle Alt’s Signature Style

Emanuelle Alt has a very distinct signature style and if I was to sum it up in three words, I would say Polished, Timeless, Edgy.

Her style is very easy and almost minimalistic to a point yet refined as well. There isn’t anything fussy about what she wears.

She is known for wearing blazers, denim, trousers, button-downs, t-shirts, kitten heels, and booties. Most of the time when you see her in pictures she isn’t even carrying any sort of bag but accessorizes with belts instead.

Mostly she wears neutrals in shades of black, navy, grey, and white. Every now and then you might see her add a pop of color.

Alt also wears one of my favorite color combinations navy and black on repeat.

How To Get Her Look

These are the items you want to invest in to create a signature style similar to Emanuelle Alt.

  • Blazers in Black, Navy, Grey, and White
  • Striped Top
  • Blue and Black Denim
  • Blue, Grey, and Black Trousers
  • Navy and Black Sweaters
  • White Button Down
  • Kitten Toe Heels
  • Strappy Heels
  • Pointed Toe Boots
  • Black Belts

And the best item of all is Confidence.

6 different graphics showing ways to wear Emanuelle Alt's Signature Style of Parisian, Minimal, Neutral Colors

Look 1: Mango BlazerJ.CREW Stripe TopAgolde Black DenimJ.CREW Kitten Heels

Look 2: J.CREW Navy BlazerAgolde Black DenimJ.CREW Navy SweaterStuart Weitzman Pumps

Look 3: J.CREW Black BlazerEverlane TeeMadewell Denimba&sh Paris BeltSarah Flint Heel (use code SARAHFLINT-BANOELANIKC) to receive $50 off your first pair.

Look 4: Everlane Silk TopMango Flowy Pantsba&sh Paris Belt& Other Stories Strappy Sandal

Look 5: Mango Tweed JacketEverlane Tee- Frame DenimJ.CREW Kitten Heel

Look 6: Alex Mill White Button DownFrame Denim & Other Stories BeltJ.CREW Kitten Heel

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  1. I have just discovered La Vie on Grand – I love Parisian style and beauty products. However I don’t seem to find anything on French perfumes. France has created some of the great classic fragrances so it seems a shame not to celebrate them. Some of the great old fragrances may not be fashionable now, but that is mostly because a lot of younger girls (and I’m not that old) have never been introduced to these gems.

    1. That’s actually a great point Valerie. I only wear one scent so I guess I didn’t think about this. I am going to research this topic, I love this idea. Thanks for brining it up!

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