What Is Paris Aesthetic

What Is Paris Aesthetic

Paris is known for its fashion, architecture, and vibe that you can’t find anywhere else including other parts of France. Today, I am dedicating this post to the Paris aesthetic and how you can exude the Parisian aesthetic wherever you are.

Woman wearing navy blazer with jeans and Longchamp tote in Paris.

What Exactly Is Paris Aesthetic

Paris aesthetic or Parisian style is effortless, timeless, and can even be described as casual chic. Parisian style is a bit more elevated than French style and requires a certain level of stylish savviness to capture the Parisian’s je ne sais quoi attitude.

Parisian style is all about mixing dressy with casual. My favorite way to capture this look is to wear a navy blazer, sweater or t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers or boots. A great example of someone exuding Parisian aesthetic and style is Emanuelle Alt.

Sometimes, I will add a scarf to the look as well. The blazer and scarf make the outfit a bit more elevated and dressy, while the jeans and sneakers make it casual.

However, achieving this sophisticated and elevated style is something anyone can attain, no matter where you live. You don’t have to be French or live in Paris to do this. Just follow these simple Parisian aesthetic tips and in no time you will be displaying that effortless Parisian style yourself.

How To Get The Parisian Aesthetic

Investing In Timeless and Classic Pieces

Mixing timeless and classic pieces are like a Parisian pastime. When you look at Parisian women, they truly have that effortless look about them which makes them look stylish, chic, and elevated all at the same time.

Even though Parisian women invest in timeless and classic pieces, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money to dress like this. Invest in quality French basics, and you will have ways to mix and match outfits for years.

I purchased an Isabel Marant jacket in Paris almost 10 years ago, which I am still wearing to this day. The jacket was an investment piece back then, but has proved to be well worth the investment.

Natural Approach To Beauty

Parisian women tend to have a natural approach to beauty, which is refreshing and calm all at the same time. They do not spend hours putting on makeup, or thousands of dollars to change their looks.

French women do spend a lot of money on their skincare products and beauty routines but it’s all to enhance their natural beauty. They do not, however, use medical procedures such as Botox or fillers to create their beauty.

Wear Neutral Tones

Parisians prefer neutral tones such as black, navy, white, grey, and beige over flashy colors which are big and bright. They tend to shy away from trends and aren’t into athleisurewear or patterns, this includes even in the summer season.

Details Matter

One thing the French are incredible at and that includes Parisians, is paying attention to details. Not only in fashion but also in the way they experience and present food, table settings, and flower arrangements, every little detail matters.

When it comes to Parisian aesthetics with fashion and style details matter here as well. You don’t have to go over the top with your outfit but stick with simple accessories that make a statement.

Wear a beautiful silk scarf around your neck with a simple blazer, t-shirt, and jeans. Or, go for a chic handbag in luxurious leather. It doesn’t necessarily have to be designer, just an elegant leather bag will do. Lastly, add a statement piece of jewelry, like a necklace or earrings to make your outfit stand out.

 Paris Aesthetic Outfits

Here are some examples of Paris aesthetic outfits taken straight from the streets of Paris.

Trench Coat + Denim + Sneakers

Lady wearing trench coat with sneakers walking in Paris.

This is a great example of an outfit full of Paris aesthetic, an elevated trench with a hood, dressed-up sneakers, denim, and a luxurious-looking handbag.

Navy Blazer + Wide Leg Denim + Boots

One of my favorite ways to exude Parisian aesthetic outfits is by wearing a navy blazer, great pair of flare denim, and boots.

Celine Bag + Jeans + Canvas Tote + Sneakers

Woman wearing celine bag with canvas tote, walking in Paris with a Paris aesthetic.

This a great example of mixing high-end designers with casual jeans and sneakers.

Trench Coat + Pants + Loafers

Lady and man walking in together. She's wearing trench coat, loafers, he's wearing stripe top and jeans.

A dressy look with the pants and loafers yet still casual and chic with a dark trench and classic black leather handbag.

Blazer + Jeans + Mary Janes

Lady on a bike in Paris wearing mary janes and blazer.

Nobody does stylish bike riding better than the Parisians. A classic blazer with denim and patent Mary Jane’s. Stylish yet simple and timeless.

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