How To Pack For A Month In Paris

How I Am Packing For A Month In Paris

Soon, we will be leaving for our month-long stay in Paris, and deciding what to pack for the month has been quite the challenge. Today, I am sharing how I am packing for a month in Paris.

Summer is always a much more difficult time for me to put outfits together versus cooler months when I live in jeans and a blazer the whole season.

We are staying in an apartment with a washer and dryer which will help. However, I have never been one to pack light for a trip to Paris, even when it’s just for a week. Some people pack a tiny bag and that would be it. I’ve learned what type of packer I am over the years, and I take more than necessary probably.

I know I will do some shopping while I am there because it’s sales (les soldes) season in Paris. There are two sales seasons in Paris, one in the winter and one in the summer.

However, I don’t want to make impulse purchases because I forgot a piece of clothing. Honestly, I would rather pack more to make sure I am covered for the entire month.

The Weather

The weather in July in Paris is usually high in the 70s during the day and a low in the 60s in the early mornings and evenings. However, the weather has been a bit warm already this season.

The weather in Paris can change instantly, so you never know what you are going to get. You can pack for one season and get there and it’s a completely different season.

However, if you need to purchase any clothes, Paris is definitely the city to do this. When I went in April, I packed for spring. It ended up being so cold the week I was there, I ended up buying several sweaters and a coat.

Packing Tips For Packing For A Month In Paris

I don’t have any specific packing method I use however, these are the packing tips I always use for any trip.

Plan Outfits

I like to have my outfits somewhat planned out before any trip to Paris. Usually, I will take a day or two and try pieces together to see what will work.

Then, I always take a photo of my outfit and put it into an album on my phone. This way I can go back and refer to the photo if I can’t remember what my outfits are.

Stick To A Neutral Color Palette

As with any trip I take to Paris, I always stick with neutral pieces. This way I can easily mix and match my clothing items and provide maximum versatility. Having a neutral color palette, also makes it easy to layer pieces.

For this trip, I am packing a lot of navy and white in a combination of tops and dresses. I also have some black and camel-colored items as well.

Use Packing Cubes

I never understood the hype around packing cubes, until I started using them myself. They truly help keep me organized. I don’t think they necessarily save a lot of space, although they do compress the clothing a bit, they help with staying organized.

Usually, I will pack my cubes by clothing pieces, all shirts go in a cube, all pants go in a cube, etc. Some people will pack their cubes according to their daily outfits. It’s whatever helps you stay organized the most.

I also roll my clothes because it helps prevent wrinkles however this is what I have always done.

There are two types of packing cubes I use the most and they are those from AWAY, which match my suitcase and carry-on bag. Also, these are from Amazon which is cheap and works great.

Nathan uses packing cubes now when he travels for work and I will be using them to pack all of London’s clothes as well.


Usually, I will pack all travel-size toiletries. However, for the month in Paris, we are going to buy all our toiletries when we get there.

There’s a French pharmacy near our apartment and we are just going to buy what we need for the month. Then at the end of the month, we will just discard what we don’t use. This way we don’t have to worry about packing any heavy toiletries.

I will also be taking items from my travel essentials list like my hair dryer, travel steamer, straightener, luggage scale, portable charger, and of course adapters.

Random Items I am Packing

Other random things I am packing are my vitamins (Omega 3, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Probiotics).

For our apartment, we want our BOSE speaker. For picnics, I am bringing a blanket, wine opener, cold towels for hot days, and my silk pillowcase.

Packing For A Month In Paris

Graphic of 22 items to pack for Paris for a month.
  1. Veronica Beard Stripe Sweater
  2. Everlane Silk Tank
  3. Frank & Eileen Button Down
  4. Jenni Kayne Navy Trousers
  5. VINCE Navy Slip Dress
  6. VEJA Sneakers
  7. Sézane Milo Handbag
  8. Everlane Ankle Trouser
  9. ba&sh Paris Eyelet Top
  10. MANGO Linen Blazer
  11. Alex Mill Linen Vest
  12. Veronica Beard Navy Top
  13. Frank & Eileen Button Down
  14. J.Crew Linen Skirt
  15. Banana Republic Linen Top
  16. J.Crew Leather Belt
  17. Banana Republic Navy Linen Vest
  18. K. Jacques Sandal
  19. MANGO Linen Dress
  20. A Emery Black Sandal
  21. MOTHER Denim
  22. ba&sh Paris June Handbag
  23. Alex Mill Twill Trousers

Everything Else I am Packing For A Month In Paris


Since the weather has been a combination of hot and normal temps, I am taking a mixture of tops to make sure I have what I need.

For days when it’s hot, I will have tank tops, short sleeve t-shirts, and linen pieces. On other days, I will have several button-down shirts where I can roll up the sleeves if needed with a tank underneath.

The tops I am packing for a month in Paris are this Veronica Beard, this MERSEA swing top, ba&sh Paris eyelet top, this LilySilk blouse, and Frank & Eileen top.

Other tops I am packing for a month in Paris:



For bottoms, I am taking a mixture of linen pants, twill pants, and one pair of white denim and one blue denim. I will also pack two pairs of shorts but not actually sure I will wear them.

These pants are amazing, ankle length, and lightweight to wear with tanks and blouses. Love these navy linen which are easy, chic, and classic to wear with sandals and my VEJA.

I will be packing my favorite MOTHER Denim and these skinny white flare jeans.

Other bottoms I will be packing:


Dresses & SKIRTS

I am packing several dresses for the summer season in Paris. This striped one, this linen one, this navy one (perfect for evening dinners), and this navy one also. I also have a couple of white ones which are older that I am taking as well.

There are two skirts I am packing, this linen one, and this printed one from Reformation. This is the only printed item packing for the month. However, I am hoping to find a dress or two during the sales.



I will be packing minimal accessories for the month in Paris. My everyday gold hoops, this bracelet, and diamond studs will be it for jewelry.

A few lightweight scarves and my Celine bag and still deciding between the Milo or Farrow bag. I will also be packing this market tote to use at the farmer’s market.



There are two pieces of outerwear I am bringing, a linen blazer and a collarless denim jacket. The linen blazer is polished and I can wear over dresses in the morning or with linen pants in the evening.

The collarless denim jacket is lightweight and also something I can throw on as a layer if needed. I tend to get cold easily so it’s always nice to pack a few outerwear pieces even in summer.


Shoes have been the hardest to think about for packing for the month. I want to take all of my shoes but obviously, that’s not realistic.

Since Paris is mostly a walking city, I am taking shoes which are comfortable to walk around. I am still deciding and I think this will be a last-minute decision about what I pack.

I will definitely be taking my VEJA or Jack Trainer. Also, these mules from Sézane, these brown sandals, and these gold sandals.


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