French Inspired Ways To Live This Year

French Inspired Ways To Live This Year

We are already two weeks into the New Year and there are several French-inspired ways to live this year that I am adopting.

After reading this article about French resolutions it started me thinking about how I wanted to live this year.

If you’ve been following this blog or me for any amount of time, then you know I am a hard-core Francophile (obsessed with everything French).

The French have a certain way of looking at life and living life which I completely admire and look up to. And, after visiting Paris this Summer in the middle of a pandemic I certainly took away more aspects of their life I try to incorporate into my life.

Wearing a stripe top sitting in front of blue door in Paris

French Inspired Ways

Here are several French-inspired ways I will be living this year.

Read More Books

This is on my list every year, to read more and every year I feel like I fail. I always come up with some excuse not to read. However, I do listen to audible books in my car all the time, but I want to actually physically pick up a book.

I’ve always wondered why Paris has so many bookstores on every corner that are utterly charming. It’s because French people are always reading. Whether it’s books, magazines, or even newspapers. They are always reading.

As you can imagine, my interest when reading has to deal with Paris or France in some ways. I love WW2 books which take place in Paris. Some of my absolute favorite ones I actually did listen to last year: The Nightingale, The Paris Seamstress, and Lilac Girls.

Eat Fresh Food

beef carpaccio and buratta with heirloom tomatoes in paris

This is the one way of living I absolutely love about the French. Besides the fact they take their cuisine very seriously, it’s because everything is so fresh.

One of my favorite things to do in Paris is visiting all the farmer’s markets and seeing what’s fresh for the day. To me this is the best french-inspired way of living is through eating.

The French don’t buy groceries for an entire month, they buy what’s fresh for a few days and this is such a great habit to adopt.

I think we are taught in the states to stock up on our food, especially with wholesale stores carrying massive amounts of everything. But honestly, how fresh are blueberries after a few days?

Eating fresh does take work when you don’t have fresh farmers’ markets to hit up every week. Especially in the colder states when the farmer’s markets aren’t open year long.

There are several cookbooks I use that are just whole food ingredients and don’t contain anything processed. Eat Beautiful, French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook, and anything and everything from Half Baked Harvest. This is one great way to make sure you’re eating fresh food.

Last year I bought this poster which hangs up in our mudroom, that shows what foods we should be eating throughout the year based on Season. I reference this poster before I go to the grocery store so I know what to buy.

Host Dinner Parties Once A Month

Such a French way of thinking. I don’t know who does an impromptu dinner party better than a French person. I personally love doing an impromptu dinner party and actually do quite a few once the weather gets warmer.

You don’t have to cook a 5-course gourmet meal. Just pick up a few things the French would buy: cheese, baguettes, olives, wine, and chocolate for dessert. I keep all these items on hand in case a dinner party needs to happen because you never know.

Plus, what a better time to get your friends together, turn on some French music, light a few candles, and voilà.

Wine bottle and fruit tart sitting on a table

Take Care Of My Skin

Taking care of my skin became one of my main priorities last year and it will continue. This year, I’d like to dive deeper into understanding my skin. I have an appointment with my esthetician in a few weeks to discuss my routine.

There are several products I swear by to get me through the Winter that has been game-changers: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic and SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid. After I meet with my esthetician I will do a more in-depth post on the products she recommends and which ones work for me.

I also use several French beauty products which are thankfully available to everyone to order online these days.

Of course, no skincare can replace drinking lots of water and eating the proper foods to help balance out your skin.

French beauty products sitting on a counter

Listen To Live Music

One of our favorite French restaurants in Kansas City, French Market, has live French music every Saturday. We try and go a few times a month if possible and it’s so much fun.

Sometimes, this is easier to do in the warmer months on outdoor patios but wherever you have the chance, go listen to some live music whatever your genre of music might be.

Have Coffee By Myself At A Local Cafè

This is one thing I have made a date in my calendar to do once a week. To just go sit and enjoy the cafè life like a Parisian.

No, we don’t have all the cute cafès that Paris may have but we have our share. Pick your favorite coffee spot and just go hang for a bit.

I would love to use this time to write out blog ideas or read, or just sit and daydream. Even if it’s just for an hour, what a great way to start the day.

coffee and croissant on table of cafe de flore in paris.

Move My Body

I have been working out since I was in high school. Actually, younger because I always played some kind of sports growing up.

When COVID happened a few years ago and everything locked down, I started to look at working out differently.

Now, it’s not how much I work out that’s important but what kind of working out I am doing. I mostly just try to move my body at this point.

As long as I am moving my body every day then I am happy with that. Recently, I decided to challenge myself and started running. I’ve also added some yoga to my activity.

The French don’t work out, they actually don’t understand why Americans are so crazy about working out. But, they also walk everywhere possible, something we definitely don’t do enough of in America.

Quality Family Time

Dinners at the table are extremely important to the French and to me as well. Unless we are traveling or at an event, we eat dinner together at the table every night. I feel very passionate about this.

This is the time when we discuss what’s happened during the day, find out about everything happening at school, and are able to spend quality time together.

I’d also love to be able to spend quality time with my parents and brother who live in different states. Even if it’s a quick weekend trip, you can still get in some quality time.

And, if you don’t have lots of families to spend time with, then friends are always the next best thing. Just spend more time with those you love.

Go To France

The best way to incorporate French-inspired ways of living is to go immerse yourself in their daily living. Just go to France. I know I am planning on taking my own advice and heading to France this year.

Easier said than done I know, but if you get that once in a lifetime chance then just go. Book your trip and go. You will never regret your decision.

Facade of French Buildings

I would love to know ways you’re inspired to live this year. Please let me know in the comments below! MERCI.

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