French Fridays Edition No. 2

French Fridays Edition No. 2

Bienvenue and welcome to French Fridays Edition No. 2, where you will find interesting links to read, French-inspired looks for the week ahead, and a petite plaisir.

water bottle and latte on table at Cafe Verlet.

French-Inspired Looks Of The Week

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length, you know how much I am inspired by French fashion. I thought it would be fun to start sharing French-inspired looks for the week ahead.

Maybe you already have one or two of these pieces or a similar version in your wardrobe and need some inspiration on how to style them French-inspired, of course.

Graphic of French inspired looks for the week.


Graphic of 6 different outfits to wear that are French inspired with jeans and white denim.


Petit Plaisir

One of my favorite moments from the week.

lifes little pleasures

Petit Plaisir

My mother came to visit this week, so one morning, we enjoyed a coffee and croissant at a favorite French Restaurant in town. Sitting outside on the terrace in the morning was beautiful, enjoying the weather and relaxing before the day started.

On My Paris List

Petit Palais garden terrace in Paris.

The Petit Palais Museum is on our bucket list for this time around. Last time we went it was being worked on part of the time and was closed. I have a list of museums I want to visit and this is one of them. Plus, I also want to enjoy the beautiful terrace at the museum as well.

Image via: Sortiraparis

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