How To Dress Like A French Woman In Winter

How To Dress Like A French Woman In Winter

It’s no secret French women are my fashion inspiration in any season. Parisian and French women are chic, classic, and timeless, in how they approach dressing. However, you don’t have to be French or live in France to dress classically like a French person. With a few simple French wardrobe basics, you will be looking French during winter in no time. Today, I am sharing how to dress like a French woman in winter and the pieces that will help you put together your Winter outfits with a French touch and Parisian chic look.

What Do French Women Wear In Winter

Dressing like a French woman in winter often involves a combination of classic, timeless pieces and a sense of effortless style. Here are some tips to help you achieve that French chic look during the colder months:

French women stick to basic pieces to update their winter wardrobe while remaining elevated and sophisticated. Remember, the key is to focus on quality over quantity, invest in timeless pieces always.

Tips For A French Chic Look During Winter

Neutral Color Palette

The French and Parisians in particular tend to stick to a neutral color palette. Wear colors such as black, white, gray, navy (my personal favorite), and camel. French women often opt for understated colors that can be easily mixed and matched with other pieces in their closets. You can also go for a monochromatic palette, meaning you stick with one color throughout the outfit from head to toe, for a chic Parisian winter look.

Quality Basics

French women favor quality basics any day over quantity. Build your winter wardrobe with high-quality basics like sweaters, turtlenecks, and long-sleeved tops. Stick to natural fabrics like wool and cashmere for warmth and comfort.


Layers are always some of the best pieces to wear during the winter season to not only stay warm but also look stylish as well. French women layer with turtlenecks, camis, tights, and leggings. French women love to wear tights with wool skirts and tall boots during the winter months for a chic yet sophisticated outfit.

Tailored Pieces

Even during the winter season with all the layers, French women still look just as polished and that comes with wearing tailored pieces. They don’t ever wear pieces that don’t compliment their body types. You can still wear a long coat that has a wrap belt or is double-breasted at the waist for a flattering effect.

10 Chic French Winter Essentials

Wool Coat

Wool is always a staple in any French woman’s closet during the winter season. It not only helps to keep you warm but also looks timeless and is always classic. Go for a beautiful long black winter wool coat. Other options would be a gorgeous camel wool coat or navy, the Parisian woman’s choice of color.

French women do wear puffer coats but a wool coat is much more elegant looking and is easier to mix and match with other outfit pieces for a chic daytime or nighttime look. My favorite wool coats are from Sézane, the James, or Johson, J.Crew, MANGO, and ba&sh Paris.

For days when the winter weather is a bit warmer, you will find Parisian women wearing trench coats, a French essential you will find in most closets.

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Cashmere Sweaters

Dressing like a Parisian woman during the winter season to look timeless and classic.

Elegant and elevated, cashmere sweaters are a must for any French woman during the winter season. They wear crewneck or V-neck sweaters in shades of black, grey, navy, and cream. A cashmere sweater can be worn casually with jeans or trousers. Or, you can dress it up with a short wool skirt, tights, and boots for a sophisticated look.

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Nothing is more chic or polished than a great-looking blazer which is also incredibly versatile, even during the winter season in France. Again, stick to neutral-looking blazers in black, navy, or grey in a wool fabric to stay warm. You can easily layer the blazer with a sweater or turtleneck underneath. Some of my favorite blazers are from Sézane and J.Crew.

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Straight Leg Jeans

How to dress like a French woman during the winter season in a chic and timeless navy wool coat.

French women and Parisian women, in particular, tend to stick with straight-leg jeans during the winter season. They are easy to wear with lug sole boots, ankle boots, and sneakers. Go for a lighter shade during the day and a darker denim shade in the evening for a more dressy option.

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Wool Pants

Trousers are an easy way to dress up a winter look for the office or even a day out. Wool pants will keep you warm and looking stylish. A classic-looking French woman’s winter outfit with wool pants is a sweater, ankle boots, fedora hat, wool coat, and stylish scarf and handbag.

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A turtleneck is one of those winter wardrobe pieces that is stylish and warm. You can layer it under a blazer, wear it with trousers, or even jeans and pointed ankle boots for a chic and polished look.

My favorite turtlenecks are the Jacob from Sézane, as the button detailing on the shoulder elevates the top a bit. I love to wear this top with a tweed jacket or by itself.

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Ankle Boots

Choose a pair of classic boots, such as ankle boots to keep your feet warm while maintaining a stylish appearance. Waterproof boots are also a practical option and you will see many Parisian women wearing them during the winter season.

Lug sole boots are also another classic piece worn by French women to keep their feet stylish yet warm. You can wear either style of boots with jeans or trousers. Go with a basic black pair or even a dark brown or chocolate shade as well.

For evenings out, try a pair of tall boots with tights as well to stay warm, and chic at the same time.

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Over the years, sneakers have become a mainstay of the culture, particularly in Paris. These days you will see Parisians in sneakers like Veja, Converse, Sézane, and even New Balance. Even though most people are wearing boots in Paris during the winter season, you will still see a decent amount wearing sneakers with jeans and trousers.

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Chic WINTER Accessories

French women know how to add the right accessories to finish any outfit, even during the winter season. Keep jewelry minimal, maybe a delicate necklace, a watch, or a pair of simple earrings can add a touch of elegance.

Add a classic yet simple silk scarf to a sweater or blazer outfit for a polished look. Or, go with a cashmere or wool scarf for extra warmth.

To keep their head warm, French women wear a stylish wool fedora hat or a more casual option would be a beanie.

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Classic Handbag

Invest in a classic and timeless handbag in a neutral color. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a designer bag, by any means. French women carry quality bags that complement their overall look. Go for bags from Sézane, French brand A.P.C., or even places like J.Crew and MANGO have chic yet affordable options.

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