How To Pack For Paris In Winter

How To Pack For Paris In Winter

Paris during the winter season can be incredibly magical and enchanting with the holiday lights, and festive season. It can also be a great time to head to the city after the first of the year when the crowds have died down and tourism is slow. However, Paris can also be incredibly chilly and even rainy during the winter months. Knowing what to pack for Paris in winter, will help you look not only stylish but keep you warm as well. Today, I am sharing a few tips on how to pack for a winter trip to the city of light.

Packing for Paris in winter.

Winter Weather In Paris

The weather in Paris during winter between December and February tends to be frigid with temperatures between 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Most days can typically be overcast with gray sky however sunny days aren’t uncommon either. Be prepared for some wet days during those months with an umbrella and waterproof boots. It doesn’t snow often in Paris, but when it does it’s usually a small amount, but enough to bring some magic to the city.

What To Do In Paris In Winter

Paris is full of magical and exciting things to do during the winter season. You can still go to a favorite café for a glass of wine or chocolate chaud, you will just be sitting inside versus on the terrace. Winter is also a wonderful time to visit a favorite museum or even a museum on your list that you haven’t been to before.

During the holiday season, you can see Paris full of twinkle lights, all the designer stores decorated, and the Christmas markets in full swing. You can even go ice skating at the Hôtel de Ville (City Hall). And, of course, all the major department stores have their best-dressed windows on display.

Winter sales (les soldes) , which only happen twice a year, also take place between January and February. This is one of the best times to shop in Paris because you can find major markdowns on designer clothes, handbags, and home items. I have picked up some amazing pieces during soldes in Paris. Plus, don’t forget about the VAT refund process as well, which will save you even more money.

Packing for Paris in the winter season.

What To Pack For Winter In Paris

One of my favorite things to do is create monthly packing lists for Paris, you can see the December, January, and February inspirations list to help give you an idea of what to pack in winter.

After all, Paris is the fashion capital of the world, and while you want to look stylish and put together, it’s also important to be warm and comfortable in the less-than-ideal weather.

Packing the right pieces like waterproof boots, a warm wool coat, an umbrella, and warm but chic accessories will help to ensure you’re prepared for walking around the city in the cold temperatures.

How To Pack for Paris in Winter with classic and chic pieces like jeans and sweaters.

Shop The Pieces

Shoes To Pack For Paris

Paris involves a lot of walking, so you want to make sure you are packing the right type of shoe to stay warm and look stylish during your time in Paris. For the winter season, you will want to pack some sort of boots or sneakers.

The boots of choice for French people are ankle boots and waterproof boots. Stick with a basic neutral black color to carry you throughout your trip and a pair that you can easily mix and match between casual and dressy outfits.

For dinners or evenings out, you can even pack a pair of tall boots to wear with tights and a wool skirt or dress.

For waterproof boots try brands such as Blondo or Aquatalia, my go-to pair for Paris. Check out all my shoe recommendations for Paris.

On warmer days, you will find Parisians wearing sneakers such as VEJA, and Stan Smith, or more investment pairs like Axel Arigato. You can also pack affordable options like Everlane.

One tip to keep your feet extra cozy and warm, add a pair of wool felt liners to your Chelsea boots or even sneakers. Of course, you want to pack warm socks suck as merino wool or cashmere as well.

Just make sure to always break in new shoes at home. You don’t want to wear new boots or sneakers in Paris for the first time.


Layers To Pack In Winter

What To Pack For Paris In Winter  with a navy wool coat and boots.

Layers are always necessary in Paris no matter what time of year, but you especially want to pack them during the winter season when days can be damp and cold.

You will want layers to wear under your sweaters, blazers, and coats as well to make sure you stay dry and warm from the elements. Paris can always be quite windy during the winter season and layers will help keep you protected.

I always take several silk camis, and regular tanks to wear under cardigans and sweaters. For chic accessories to layer with, pack a wool or cashmere scarf. Stick to neutral colors like black, grey, and navy. Even a beautiful houndstooth would look chic with your winter coat.

Turtlenecks are always a great option as well to pack for layering. A very chic Parisian look and one I have seen multiple times during winter in Paris is a tweed jacket with a light turtleneck underneath followed by a wool coat. My favorite turtlenecks are the Jacob Jumper from Sézane. They are stylish with the button detailing and chic looking.


Sweaters To Pack

Cashmere and wool sweaters will always keep you the most warm during the winter season in Paris. You can easily pack two or three chunky knits and wear them throughout your trip while mixing and matching them with trousers or jeans.

Go with crewneck or v-necks in a neutral color palette like black, navy, grey, or cream. Wear them casually with jeans or trousers during the day and dress them up with wool skirts for the evening.

My favorite sweaters are the cashmere crewneck from Everlane, the Louise Jumper, and Basile Cardigan from Sézane, and the navy V-neck from Vince.


Winter Coats To Wear

Packing For Paris In Winter Wearing a camel coat and looking chic.

A long wool coat will always keep you warm and stylish while in Paris during the colder months. If you’re heading to Paris in winter make sure to pack a wool wrap coat with a belt or a more tailored-looking coat to compliment your body type.

As always, stick with a basic color of coat like black or navy, which is usually the Parisian woman’s coat and man’s choice of color. Or, go with a camel or grey wool coat to stay warm while looking classic at the same time.

You will see a puffer coat here or there but mostly it’s wool coats, so that is going to be your best option to pack. Some of my favorite wool coats are from MANGO, Sézane, ba&sh Paris, and J.Crew. I don’t mind spending the investment on a warm coat because as you’re out walking around the city of light, the last thing you want is to be cold and freezing.

Now and then there will be a day warm enough to see a trench coat or two in December, but that’s rare. However, I have seen Parisians wearing their coat of choice on reasonable days.


Bottoms To Take To Paris In Winter

Pack denim and trousers to keep you warm and go with styles such as straight-leg, wide-leg, or flare jeans are what Parisian women wear. Their secret to staying warm: wearing tights underneath their jeans and pants. I wore these tights from Sézane recently during my trip to Paris in winter and they help to keep the cold out.

If you have a pair of wool trousers available make sure to take those as well. And, for a stylish look, take a pair of faux leather pants. Wear the tights underneath the faux leather pants and wear them for the day walking around with a sweater or in the evening with a blazer and boots.

For evenings out or special occasions pack a wool skirt or knit dress to wear with tights and tall boots.


Accessories For Paris

Packing for Paris in Winter.

With the cold weather in Paris, making sure to pack the right accessories for Paris in winter, will help make sure you are comfortable and cozy during your time in the city. Make sure to pack an umbrella for wet days, leather gloves, a warm beanie, and a cashmere or wool scarf. For your feet pack wool felt liners for your shoes, waterproof boots, and warm wool socks.

To keep your head warm make sure to take one or two beanies in a few different colors. For an extra stylish look like a French woman, take a wool Fedora hat as well.

For handbag choices, you can pack a classic leather bag from Sézane or J.Crew or even a Longchamp tote which you will see many Parisian women carrying. They are practical and stylish as well.


What Parisians Are Wearing In Winter

During the winter season in Paris, you will see Parisians wearing a variety of warm stylish clothes in a neutral color palette. They still have that effortless vibe of dressing classic and timeless, but they are layered up a bit more.

Even with French winter fashion, it’s about quality over quantity. It’s about looking chic and classic with simple pieces. You can still elevate an outfit in the winter with chic accessories, a beautiful cashmere scarf, or a leather handbag.

Here’s some Parisian street style I’ve seen in Paris during the winter months.

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