How To Dress For Winter When It’s Warm Outside

Outfits To Wear On Warm Days During Winter

Dressing for the winter season when you live in a warm climate can be a bit of a challenge. You aren’t dressing in layers, wearing cashmere sweaters daily, or heavy coats.

However, there are still ways to dress for winter during warm days and feel as if you’re dressing for the correct season.

Here are 5 outfits providing some inspiration on how to dress for winter on warm days by wearing classic, timeless, versatile pieces. Of course, I put a little French spin on all these outfits because why not.

This post was actually a reader request for someone who lives in Florida. I grew up in Texas and have family in Florida so I certainly understand it being January or February and wearing skirts or shorts when all I wanted to wear was jeans and a blazer.

Wear Light Layers

Light layers will be your friend when it comes to dressing for winter on a warm day. You wake up and it’s cool in the mornings but by the middle of the day, it’s warm and humid.

This gives the chance though to wear light jackets, blazers, and sweaters. However, think of the fabrics that will keep you most comfortable. Natural fibers like linen, cotton, and silk can keep you cool when it’s warm and humid.

Wear Appropriate Fabrics

You can still wear sweaters but stick to cotton instead of cashmere or heavy wool. Go for silk or lightweight linen trousers instead of wool or corduroy.

When it comes to jackets go for cotton blazers or lightweight sweater jackets you can take off during the day.

Also, think about when you wear dresses or skirts and pair them with tall boots instead of sandals.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

Even though it’s warm outside doesn’t mean you have to wear sandals every day. There are several types of appropriate shoes to wear that would help make you feel like it’s winter. Go for loafers, boots, suede pumps, and flats.

5 Outfits To Wear For Winter On A Warm Day

Striped Top | Sweater Blazer | Flare Jeans | Ballet Flats

When it’s cold in the morning you can start with this sweater blazer to help keep you warm. As the weather gets warmer throughout the day, you can take the sweater blazer off and just wear the striped top, ballet flats, and denim.

Graphic of black skirt, silk scarf, grey top, leather tote, and tall boots.

Leather Tote | Slip Skirt | Cotton Top | Silk Scarf | Tall Boots

When you want to be a bit more dressy try a skirt with a plain top and add a scarf to make the outfit pop. To feel more like you’re dressing for winter, add tall boots to the outfit with a leather tote.

You could also wear this same skirt but swap out a white t-shirt, keep the scarf, and instead of boots go with a pair of sandals for a more relaxed look.

Graphic of black tweed jacket, black jumpsuit, black leather bag, and slingbacks.

Tweed Jacket | Jumpsuit | Slingbacks | Leather Bag

If you’re in need of a work look try a black jumpsuit with a cropped tweed jacket. If you’re going out after work, you could keep the jacket on or take it off. You would still look classic with the jumpsuit and slingbacks.

Graphic of scarf, black silk pants, Longchamp tote, white silk blouse.

Striped Scarf | Silk Pants | Top | Tote | Loafers

Stay cool during winter months by wearing a silk pair of pants with a shorter sleeve top. You can add a pair of loafers and a scarf to help accessorize the look. Of course, you could also wear this outfit with sandals but the loafers will help give the feeling of a winter look.

Graphic of bootcut denim, silk top, Tory Burch bag for a warm winter look.

Silk Top | Bootcut Jeans | Suede Pumps | Leather Bag

Even if you are living in a warmer climate, you can still wear jeans any time of the year. A pair of dark denim with pumps and a silk blouse is a great option for dinner with friends or a weekend outing.

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  1. Thank you! Love the combinations you share in this post for those of us that live in warmer/mild climates yet love the chic look of layers… along with spot on suggestions for fabrics, texture, accessories and shoes… love the way a pair of shoes can change the vibes of any outfit!👌❤

    1. Yes, glad they could be helpful! I know it’s tricky living in a warm climate but you can still be just as chic and stylish! xo- Noelani

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