8 French Girl Everyday Outfits For The New Year

French girls are the experts when it comes to wearing everyday classic outfits which are versatile, simple, and goes along with the, less is more, theory. They seem to know how to make chic dressing look effortless and easy.

French girl style is attainable to anyone, you don’t necessarily have to be French or even live in Paris to dress like French women.

To start the new year, let’s revisit our closets and pick out outfits to wear that are inspiring and simple, yet still make us feel confident and put together.

Here are 8 simple, classic, versatile, and timeless outfits to recreate today. Most of these are probably even pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

Black Blazer + Denim + White Tee + Loafers

Graphic of French look of black blazer with white tee, straight leg denim, and black leather bag.

Shop The Look: Black Blazer | Straight Leg Jeans | White T-Shirt | Black Bag | Loafers

Always classic and versatile, is a black blazer which you will find in any French woman’s closet. Wear it with a simple white tee and straight leg denim. Add a black quilted bag for the ultimate chic look and pair with loafers when it’s warm and boots when it’s cold.

White Button Down + Flare Denim + Boots

Graphic of daily look of white button down with denim, brown boots, and brown saddle bag.

Shop The Look: White Button Down | Saddle Bag | Flare Denim | Leather Boots

A white button down in cotton or silk is the perfect top to wear with denim. Instantly polished and classic you can’t go wrong with this combination. Try a pair of flare denim to look extra Parisian but any pair will work.

Add your favorite boots and classic bag and you will look put together in minutes. This is one of those simple outfit combinations I like to wear, when I don’t know what to wear.

Tweed Jacket + Leather Pants + White Tee

Graphic of tweed jacket, black leather pants, white tee, and chanel slingbacks for a French outfit.

Shop The Look: Black Tweed Jacket | Black Leather Pants | White T-Shirt | Sling backs

For more of an elevated cool girl look wear a black tweed jacket with leather pants or jeans. The tweed jacket and sling backs help keep the outfit classy while the leather pants give off that French girl cool vibe. This is a favorite combination for French ladies at any age. Wear it with confidence and you too can have that je ne sais quoi attitude.

Black Blazer + Black Denim + Striped Tee

Graphic of black blazer with black denim, striped top for a French girl outfit.

Shop The Look: Black Blazer | Striped Top | Black Denim | Chelsea Boots

One of the most quintessential Parisian outfit combinations is a black blazer with a striped top and denim. If you wanted to be a bit more dressy you could always swap the denim out for a pair of trousers.

For footwear go with boots in the fall and winter and loafers or ballet flats in the spring and summer. This is one outfit combination that can be worn year round.

Navy Top + Black Denim + Black Booties

Graphic of daily look of navy silk top with black denim, and boots.

Shop The Look: Navy Top | Black Bag | Black Denim | Boots

Nobody does navy and black better than Parisians in my opinion. It’s a color combination the French are used to wearing in any season. This combination is chic, elevated, and incredibly classy looking.

Wool Coat + Turtleneck + Denim + Converse

Graphic of Parisian outfit of wool coat, denim, turtleneck, and quilted bag. French girl outfit

Shop The Look: Wool Coat | Black Turtleneck | Straight Leg Denim | Quilted Bag | Black Converse

Casual and comfortable yet still classic is a sweater and sneaker combination. I specifically remember seeing a French lady wearing a very similar look last time I was in Paris.

Parisians love wearing sneakers these days but feel free to wear boots or another kind of sneaker with this combination.

Turtleneck + Midi Skirt + Tall Boots + Wool Hat

Graphic of brown turtleneck, black velvet hat, midi skirt, for daily French look.

Shop The Look: Turtleneck | Midi Skirt | Wool Hat | Leather Bag | Tall Boots

If you’re going for a looks that’s classy and polished try a midi skirt with a sweater and tall boots. During the cooler months accessorize with a wool hat and finish the look with a classic leather shoulder bag.

Plaid Blazer + Turtleneck + Flare Denim

Graphic of Parisian outfit of black jeans, blazer, and white turtleneck to wear.

Shop The Look: Plaid Blazer | White Turtleneck | Flare Denim | Leather Belt | Boots

One way to elevate your look with a blazer or jacket is by wearing a belt around the waist. The belt adds a bit of polish and edge to the otherwise classic outfit. This is one of my favorite ways to dress up my blazers for the ultimate french girl outfit.

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  1. Love your sight!!! Plus your recommendations and outfits! What to wear in June for a few days in Bordeaux than 2 weeks in Domme, France?

    Many thanks! Merci!
    Lisa Staley

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Thank you so much, appreciate the kind words.
      Yes, you can follow the Paris in June packing list for outfit inspiration!
      Have a great day-

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