Paris Jeans Guide

French women and Parisian women, in general, are known for their impeccable taste in fashion, including when wearing jeans. Over the years, jeans have become a classic staple in the Parisian women’s closet and French fashion. Today, I am sharing a Paris jeans guide on what jeans are popular in Paris right now and how to wear them.

Paris Jeans Guide

After many trips to Paris over the years, I have a good vibe about what kind of jeans Parisian women are wearing, and I wanted to show you ways today that you can incorporate these styles into your wardrobe while looking chic and classic.

Or, if you are planning a trip to Paris soon, these examples can help provide some inspiration for your trip. Hopefully, this guide will help you learn the French way of wearing jeans and what to wear when you are in Paris.


Do Parisians Wear Jeans

Parisians do wear jeans and over the years they have become more of a classic French wardrobe staple. Jeans can easily be worn year-round and dressed up or down in that chic French way.

The most important tip when wearing jeans like a Parisian is to find a pair that flatters your body type and your style. Pick a shade that also works for your body and the season.

Parisian women aren’t into wearing athleisurewear but instead, go for a great-fitting pair of denim to show off their curves appropriately.

I had a conversation with a lady at one of the French brand stores Claudie Perlot and we were discussing how Parisian women wear their jeans casually yet still chic looking. This can include wearing jeans with boots, a pinstripe or navy blazer, and a plain t-shirt underneath.

How To Wear Jeans Like A Parisian

Parisians tend to stick with classic and timeless styles of jeans versus wearing anything trendy. This means skipping the distressing, and holes of any kind. The styles of jeans they prefer to wear are straight-leg, flare, and wide-leg.

Parisian street style involves mostly denim and people are surprised when they learn that French women aren’t just wearing trousers and dresses all day. Jeans are the main staple of their capsule wardrobe.

Parisian summer style consists of crop denim with sandals or espadrilles. Both men and women prefer to style their jeans with neutral tops, sweaters, and jackets. Women opt for blazers, trench coats, and leather jackets with their jeans in spring and fall.

One thing you will notice is that most Parisians are wearing jeans with sneakers such as Adidas Stan Smith, Converse, New Balance, VEJA, and a newer sneaker I am seeing more Parisians wearing from Axel Arigato.

Parisian women will also dress up their denim and elevate their outfits by wearing shoes like Chanel Slingbacks (more affordable), Manolo Blahnik, and Gucci or Prada Loafers.


Popular Jeans In Paris

The most popular jean style you will see in Paris is straight-leg denim. Parisians love to wear this style of denim because it’s the most classic.

Other styles you will see are flare and wide-leg denim. Skinny jeans are uncommon, and Paisian women tend to go for a high waist, which helps to lengthen the legs.

One style I did notice a lot of Parisian women wearing is Levi’s 501 jeans with boots a leather or shearling jacket and a plain t-shirt.


Straight Leg Jeans

The most popular style of jeans in Paris is a straight-leg denim silhouette with a high waist in light-colored and dark-colored shades, like rigid or black denim. Straight-leg denim can easily be dressed up or down and worn with a blazer and boots or a sweater and sneakers.

Stylish and chic French brands for straight-leg denim are the Serge by Sézane or the Brut Sexy.

My favorite straight-leg jeans besides the options from Sézane are the Dazzler from MOTHER, the Cindy from PAIGE, and, the Riley and Pinch Waist from AGOLDE.

One of the chicest and most simple ways to wear straight-leg denim like a Parisian is with a classic white button-down and loafers or ballet flats.

Some of my favorite white button-downs are the Max from Sézane, or if you want to add a twist to the top then go for one with feminine details like the Chlo from Sézane.


Flare Jeans

Flare jeans help to lengthen the leg and Parisian women love to wear these with boots in the cooler months, and espadrilles or sandals in summer. Go with a high waist one to give your legs an even longer look.

A few favorite flare jeans are the J.Crew Skinny Flare, Paige Laurel Canyon Flare, and the MOTHER Hustler High Rise.

While in Paris, I picked up these Maje denim and they are incredibly chic and Parisian looking. The high waist is flattering and the sales lady convinced me to go with more of a cropped sweater to get the full lengthening Parisian style.


Crop Jeans

Crop jeans are mostly worn in the spring and summer with sandals or espadrilles. However, you can easily wear them in fall and winter with boots and a sweater.

A classic outfit with crop jeans would be the Sézane Le Crop with a white button-down top, boots, and a classic leather bag.

Other favorite pairs of crop denim are from FRAME and MOTHER, and the Everlane Sailor Jean.


Jean Outfits To Wear In Paris

Flare Denim + Turtleneck + Blazer + Booties

During the fall, go with a pair of flare denim with patch pockets for a very Parisian look. Try these from Veronica Beard or & Other Stories.

Wear the jeans with a black turtleneck, herringbone blazer, and suede booties. You will look French in no time.


Navy Blazer + High Waist Flare + Cashmere Sweater + Boots

Parisians love their navy blazers so wear one with a pair of flare-leg denim, boots, and a cashmere sweater. Not only is this a classic and chic look but it’s also comfortable, timeless, and relaxed.

Go for a navy blazer from J.Crew, Veronica Beard, Sézane, or Banana Republic. Here, I am wearing the PAIGE Laurel Canyon, a high waist flare, with a Vince Navy Cashmere Sweater.


Silk Top + Dark Flare Denim + Gold Sandals

During the spring season in Paris, wear a pair of dark flare denim with a silk top, and gold sandals. This look can easily be worn during the day or for dinner in the evening.

Dark denim always adds polish to an outfit and looks a bit more dressed up. Plus, I always feel it helps to pull the outfit together a bit more and elevate the look.

My favorite styles for dark denim are J. Crew Skinny Flare, AGOLDE Straight Leg, Gap 90s Loose, and these FRAME Slim Palazzo.


Straight Leg Crop Denim + Jacket + T-Shirt + Sandals

In Summer, wear straight-leg ankle-length or crop denim for that cool girl Parisian vibe. The summer days are more relaxed and casual feeling. You can also try a pair of loafers or espadrilles as well with the shorter-length denim.

Go with this pair of FRAME Straight Leg, these Cropped Mini from MERSEA, these AGOLDE Crop High Rise, or these Madewell Perfect Vintage.

Finish the look with your favorite pair of sandals, a leather bag, or a market tote and a chic blazer or jacket.


Where To Shop For Jeans Like A Parisian

Here are a few French and non-French brands where you can find jeans that will help you look like a Parisian.

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