My Parisian Chic Inspired Office

Parisian Chic Inspired Office

Today, I am sharing with you my vision for my Parisian chic-inspired office and giving you a little backstory behind the project.

We have a space next to our living room that’s always been a screened-in porch, or at least for many years before we even moved in. Since we live in the midwest there are really only a few months where we can actually enjoy sitting out there.

When we first moved into the house, we used the porch a lot to sit out and drink coffee and read or just relax. Over the years, the porch has become a dumping ground for bikes, soccer balls, and whatever misc stuff we have basically.

It seemed like such a wasted space and we’ve always said eventually we wanted to turn the area into a four-season’s porch. This way we could sit out there year round and enjoy the room.

Before we left for our Europe trip, I suggested to Nathan that I would like to turn the porch into a Parisian-inspired office space. The porch sits on the side of the house that gets amazing light and I thought it was the perfect amount of space for an office.

I already had a Pinterest board made, so I showed my vision to him and told him what I was thinking.

Thankfully, I have an incredibly patient husband who goes along with some of my ideas and agrees that it would be a great idea. Within two days, he had taken down the entire porch.

The great thing about Nathan is he loves to tear things down in the house when we have a project. Except, we never have a game plan, we just go with the flow and see how things turn out. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing a home project this way.

Once we got back from our trip we were able to finally focus on the room. It’s amazing how small of a space it is but how much planning goes into it all.

All I really kept saying was it needed to look like an apartment in Paris. I just wanted a Parisian-inspired office and studio where I could get inspiration, feel like I am in Paris, and work on the blog.

I also gained a lot of inspiration during our day trip to the Palace of Versailles with all its beauty, splendor, and opulence. The color palette was incredible so I am also trying to pull some of those elements in as well.

This is my vision so far for my Parisian chic-inspired office space and I love how it’s coming together. Of course, I am sure a million things will change before we are finally done.

I am going with lots of cream colors, white walls and crown molding, and a hint of black here and there, very Parisian chic. The rest of our house has some dark elements to it, so I wanted this room to feel very light and airy.

Graphic of Items For A Parisian Inspired Office

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Stay tuned for how my Parisian chic office space turns out. I can’t wait to share the end project with all of you.

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