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The Best Flea Market In Paris

The Best Flea Market In Paris

The Vanves Flea Market In Paris (Les Puces de Vanves)

If you’re looking to head to one of the best flea markets in Paris, the Marche aux Puces de Vanves or (Les Puces de Vanves) is where you want to go. Full of hidden treasures of the past, beautiful artwork, and vintage clothing, this is one flea market that can’t be missed.

Les Puces de Vanves, is much smaller than the larger and more crowded, Marchè aux Puces de Saint Ouen. I personally find that flea market incredibly overwhelming and overpriced, although I know it’s one most people think about.

The Vanves flea market is spread out amongst several different streets with around 300-400 vendors at any given time.

French chairs and paintings hung up at a flea market on the street.

What Can You Expect To Find At Vanves Flea Market

You can expect to find everything from vintage French designer clothing to beautiful paintings, vintage dinnerware, old French books, and lots of kitchen items. There are also incredible furniture pieces that I always wish I could bring home.

The last two times I have been I bought a vintage Celine scarf and YSL Blazer for incredible prices. Prices here are much better than in the larger market. However, you will still find some overpriced items so just beware. Just because it’s from a French flea market doesn’t always mean you need to buy it, if it’s overpriced.

Be prepared to dig through boxes here, versus things being set up on display nicely. Sometimes, it looks as if someone has literally cleaned out their garage and just thrown everything in a moving box.

What Should You Buy At The Vanves Market

Make a dream list ahead of time of items you think you would want to find at a flea market in Paris. Every time, I go with a list of items I’ve jotted down in my notes section on my phone.

On my list are items like vintage candle holders, kitchen linens, little trinket dishes (last time I found some dishes from the old Ritz Paris that I bought), and of course designer clothes.

You might be a bit overwhelmed by everything but I feel it’s always best to have a few things in your mind about what you’re looking for. And, if you don’t have anything in mind then that’s okay also. Just going is part of the Parisian experience.

Antique plates and cannisters sitting on a table.

flea market finds, mirror against a tree, stool on the street.

Where Is Marche aux Puces de Vanves Located

The Marché aux Puces (which means flea market in French), de Vanves is located in the south of the 14 arrondissements of Paris, on Avenue Marc Sangnier and Avenue Georges Lafenstre.

Hours of Marche aux Puces de Vanves

The market is open Saturday and Sunday from 7-2. Although you know what they say, the early bird gets the worm. I have been to the market on both days and either day is great honestly.

Sometimes, on Saturday I have noticed vendors packing up a bit earlier than 2 so I guess it’s when they are ready to leave.

How To Get To The Vanves Flea Market

There are several ways you can get to the Marche aux Puces de Vanves on the weekends. I have always taken an uber, G7 , or even the metro to get there. The Uber and G7 will drop you off in front.

You can always take a taxi but beware when you’re trying to return, taxis don’t seem to show up as often as you would think.

If you want to take the metro you can, you would get off at stop Porte de Vanves, which is located on line 13. However, if you’re carrying items back then you might want to skip the metro. You can also use the citymapper app to help tell you which metro line to take.

How To Bring Items Home From The Market In Paris

This all depends on what you purchase and how big the items are. Usually, I automatically check an extra suitcase to bring home items from the trip in general.

I also take a pack of bubble wrap in my suitcase to wrap gentle items. I brought home 8 wine glasses last time and between the bubble wrap and going in the middle of my suitcase, they all arrived perfectly.

You can go to LaPoste, which is the French postal service, and buy a flat-rate box to ship items back.

If you have larger items then you might want to reach out to a company that specializes in sending back antiques from Europe.

Tips For A Paris Flea Market

  • You need to take euros in small bills. Most vendors (with the exception of a few) don’t accept cards, nor do they accept American dollars.
  • Go to the ATM before you get to the market in case there isn’t one around.
  • Take some sort of bag to carry around your items, I always take a large canvas tote.
  • It’s a good idea to know French numbers or at least have google translate ready when you are ready to make a purchase. Don’t expect them to speak English, but if they do, try to speak a little French, and don’t forget to say Bonjour and Merci.
  • I would take a crossbody if you have one. The market is safe however things happen and there are lots of people so just be safe.
  • In regards to the bathroom, last time I was there they had put up one of those public toilets.
  • If you would like to know the schedule of other Broncates in and around Paris, here’s a handy website that my friend Sara passed along.

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