What To Buy At A Paris Flea Market

What To Buy At A Paris Flea Market

Whenever I travel to Paris, heading to a flea market is always at the top of my list. Today, I am sharing what to buy at a Paris flea market for your next trip.

There are some great finds at a Paris flea market and you will have an amazing memory of your item when you get home. A lot of the items you can also buy for yourself or even as gifts.

You can read all about my favorite flea market in Paris in this post, where I explain how to get there, how to get items home, and flea market tips in general.

Items To Find At The Flea Market

Hermes watches and bracelets at A Paris Flea Market

Vintage Plates

If you are looking for vintage dinnerware, you can easily buy some at a Paris flea market. There are usually several vendors with soup bowls, dinner plates, dessert plates, and salad plates all on display.

Go for a traditional red or blue pattern or pick something which has more of a toile pattern. Usually, you can also find matching tureens and platters to go with the dinnerware.


One of my favorite pieces to pick up at a Paris flea market is the artwork. You can find artwork in all shapes and sizes and usually for very reasonable prices. Artwork shouldn’t be expensive and if so then maybe walk away.

Most of the time you will find the artwork already framed which is my favorite part. If you’re really lucky you will find an ornate gold frame with a beautiful picture.

Vintage Designer Scarves

When I go to the flea market in Paris, I always leave with at least one designer scarf. You can find some incredible scarves at very good prices, but you always want to make sure there’s a box if possible. If the box isn’t with the scarf, make sure to ask if there’s a box that comes with it.

Everything from Celine to Hermēs to Louis Vuitton can be found at the flea market. Double check the scarf is in good condition, there are no holes or tears, the sticking isn’t coming apart, and there are not any stains.

A reasonable price for a designer scarf in my opinion is under $100. Hermès would be the only exception that I would pay over $100 for the scarf. The last several times, my vintage designer scarves have been under 80 euros.

Vintage Designer Bracelets And Watches

Along with scarves, you can also find vendors selling designer bracelets, watches, and even designer bags sometimes. A lot of times I have found these prices aren’t cheap and they are charging a premium price because they say the item is vintage. Just be aware when you see these vendors that you will still be paying a premium for the item.

French Silverware

You can always find some sort of vintage silverware at a Paris flea market. Sometimes, it’s nicely displayed on the table, and other times, it’s just laying in a cardboard box for you to pick up.

Make sure to decide if you want something that is sterling silver or not. If you do, you want to check the back of the silverware to make sure it’s sterling. The price will differ between real silver and not real silver, so be careful.

French Linens

Every time I go to a Paris flea market, I buy French linens in the form of kitchen towels or napkins. They are so affordable and beautiful. You can even try and find ones with your initials already monogrammed onto them.

There is nothing like a beautiful French tea towel hanging up in your kitchen. These also make great gifts as well for family and friends.

Kitchen Items

A lot of times you can find French kitchen items such as antique canisters, wine openers, crocks in different sizes, butter dishes, and glassware.

Home Items

Of course, if you are local or have a way to ship items home you can buy things like beautiful furniture, marble tables, chairs, and coat racks.

You can also find smaller home items like antique hooks, old French books, candle stick holders, antique French ashtrays, and vintage maps.

What I Bought At The Flea Market

Here are items I bought in Paris at the flea market.

  • Artwork
  • Double Swan Knife Rests
  • Hermēs Vintage Scarf
  • French Kitchen Towels
  • Louis Vuitton Vintage Scarf
  • Sterling Silverware
  • Tiny Ice Bucket
  • Sterling Vintage Champagne Bucket
  • Champagne Trinket Dish
  • Tabac White Vase
  • Gold French Hook


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