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One of the most iconic coats in a French woman’s closet is the trench coat. A trench coat is a must-have for French fashion essentials. This is one French fashion clique that’s actually true. However, exactly how can you attain French girl style with a trench coat?

This is another example of the classic, timeless, and simple way a French woman dresses. Yet, when they wear a Trench they seem to make it look so incredible and once again effortless. For years, the Trench has been associated with chic, stylish French women, and for good reason. A trench coat is a great piece to add to your wardrobe if you are looking for something that’s classic, versatile, and easy to wear.

It’s such a basic way to update an outfit and you will see French women wearing them mostly during Spring and Fall. I know this is the time I reach for my trench coat the most. The trench coat is also the perfect transition coat to wear between seasons as well because they are so versatile and will go with anything in your closet.

You can just as easily go for a casual look by wearing jeans and sneakers on the weekend. Want to dress up your trench? Then wear it with a dress or skirt and sandals. One of my personal favorite ways to wear a trench is with jeans, a sweater, and flats. It’s incredibly easy, comfortable, and looks classic no matter where you go.

There are also a few style tips French women stick to when wearing a trench coat. You can either tie the buckle in front or behind and leave it hanging or knot the belt instead of buckling it in front. Keep your outfit simple and neutral and you will be looking French in no time.


History Of The Trench Coat

The trench coat did not magically just appear on French women one day. It was in fact originally made for the military back in the 1800s to use as a rain jacket and was made from rubberized cotton.

When the first WW1 approached, there was a need for a lightweight and breathable type of coat, so a man by the name of “Thomas Burberry” invented “gabardine” a breathable, waterproof fabric. And, as they say, the rest is fashion history. The Burberry Trench was born and the whole world became fascinated with this classic coat. Eventually, it made its way into mainstream society and has been a Parisian staple ever since.

What Kind Of Trench To Buy

There are so many different options of trench coats to buy and various price ranges. Of course, the most iconic trench is the Burberry but obviously, that’s not within everyone’s price range.

Also, think about the length you want of your trench coat. You can go with a longer one which is a bit more dressy or a shorter version which is more casual. Most French women tend to go with a longer version.

For colors, you can go with a basic beige or lighter version to keep it classic and neutral. I also love a black and navy trench coat as well which looks very elegant and a bit more chic in my opinion. If you are wanting to stay on the trendier side of things you could go with a green or pink coat to give a little color to your outfit.

How To Wear A Trench Coat The French Way

1. Various Shades of Beige in Various Lengths

2. With Either All White or All Black

3. With Stripes Of Course

Where To Buy A Trench Coat

Retailers know the importance of a good trench coat and there are so many options these days with various price points. You can always go with the most prestigious of trench coats which is Burberry. If that’s a little out of your price range then some of my favorites are places like Sézane, Mango, and Other Stories.

Make sure you check the quality of the trench coat before you purchase because you want one that will last for years. This Scott Trench from Sézane is gorgeous and the quality is outstanding. The material is a bit thicker than several trench coats I own but you can tell it’s well made. The trench is fully lined and the length is just perfect. I sized up one and the fit is exactly how it should be. This coat sells out every season so if you have been thinking about it, don’t wait or it will be gone.

wearing a trench coat with stripe shirt and jeans


Here are the season’s hottest trench coats in various price ranges.

Graphic of 12 different trench coats
  1. Cuyana Classic Trench
  2. Mango Double Breasted Trench
  3. Mango Oversized Trench
  4. & Other Stories Double Breasted Trench
  5. H & M Trench Coat
  6. J.Crew New Icon Trench
  7. Mango Classic Trench
  8. Banana Republic Journey Trench
  9. H & M Cotton Trench
  10. Everlane Long Mac
  11. Gap Oversized Trench
  12. Burberry Check Panel Trench

Now, you can see how versatile a trench coat can be and how many ways you can wear one. The next question is what are you waiting for? Channel your inner French woman with a classic trench coat.

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