Parisian Inspired Capsule Pieces I Wore

Pieces I Wore During The 3o Day Capsule

The 3O Day Parisian Inspired Capsule ended yesterday and I am detailing all the pieces I wore during the 30 days if they are available.

These are all the Parisian-inspired pieces I chose to mix and match during the month to show you how to get the most versatility out of each item.

It’s all about having those pieces which are classic, timeless, and look elevated. You know my thoughts on how French women dress and the philosophy they go by.

Of course, there are so many more ways to wear each piece differently but hopefully, I was able to provide a little inspiration for the next time you walk into your closet.

It’s not about having the exact piece but about getting inspiration for each piece and being able to wear it how it best suits you.

For reference, I am 5ft 51/2 inches and a small or medium in tops. In sweaters, I like to size up sometimes to a medium for an oversized look and a bit of room. In bottoms, I am a 27 or size 6. For most of my bottoms, I get tailored because I have a longer torso and shorter legs.

All The Parisian Inspired Capsule Pieces I Wore




Jackets and Blazers





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