Stylish Pieces For Women Over 40

Classic Pieces For Women Over 40 To Wear Now

Stylish pieces for women during the fall season can be easily attainable. During fall as with most seasons, I like to choose pieces that are classic and timeless for women over 40 and pieces that can be worn season after season. Since cleaning and editing my closet last year, I have tried to invest in pieces like this.

I’ve rounded up my favorite stylish and classic pieces for women over 40 for fall that I will be wearing this season. These are all pieces that are neutral, classic, and versatile.

You’ll see a lot of them are from the same brands over and over and it’s because I believe in the quality and have learned which brands fit me best.

For reference, I am 5′ 5 1/2 inches tall and usually a 6 in bottoms and small or medium in tops. Here are my favorite stylish pieces for women this fall and winter seasons.

Cardigan For Women Over 40

A cardigan during fall is not only cozy and comfortable, but it can also be that perfect 3rd piece to make your outfit. Cardigans are classic and stylish and look good on everyone no matter their age.

I will always prefer a blazer over anything but I know some people aren’t comfortable wearing a blazer. A cardigan is a great option for a blazer. You can layer a cardigan easily with a cami or t-shirt and wear it casually with denim or more dressed up with trousers.

Here are my favorite cardigans I am wearing for fall and autumn:

ba&sh Paris Gaspard Cardigan– I purchased this in April in Paris after it was sold out online for quite some time. It’s so incredibly beautiful and so chic, it gives off CHANEL vibes, but obviously only a fraction of the price. The details of the cardigan are what make it so worth the price in my opinion. It’s not only a stylish piece for women but one to wear for years.

The length is on the shorter side but I think it makes the cardigan more classy this way. The fabric has a textured tweed look, and the buttons are crested black and gold, so polished and elevated. I wear a medium in the cardigan and have the ecru color. I have black also on my wish list because I know I will wear it just as much as the ecru color I have. Definitely worth the investment.

Sézane Basile Cardigan– Sézane always has the best knitwear for women and this fall and autumn are no exception. I always invest in 2 or 3 of their cardigans for the fall season because I know how much I will wear them.

I purchased this one last month and have it in a medium, I sized up for more of a relaxed fit. The color is taupe perfection and I love wearing it with my high-waisted jeans and boots.

The cardigan is alpaca and wool and super soft and cozy. I’ve worn it with a t-shirt underneath and also just by itself. The v-neckline is very flattering and the buttons are nice and sturdy, cheap buttons drive me crazy.

A few other cardigans I recently purchased are the Achille Cardigan and the Mia Cardigan. I size up in these to a medium for a more relaxed look.

LouLou Studio Zanzibar V-Neck Cardigan– Another investment cardigan I purchased for fall and autumn is this LouLou Studio cardigan in the Brown Melange in a small. The cardigan runs a bit large so I sized it down to a small. Made of plush wool and cashmere the cardigan feels super luxurious and has a bit of a slouchy silhouette.


When it comes to knitwear, I always go for classic pieces from Sézane which are in my opinion, always stylish pieces for women over 40 for fall and autumn. The knitwear is made with quality, the pieces always fit me appropriately, and the looks are always stylish and classic.

Here are my favorite sweaters I am wearing for fall and autumn:

Wouldn’t be fall without wearing a striped top and love this Trudy Jumper from Sézane ( I am wearing a medium), also this navy jumper as well as the Jacob Jumper which has a mock turtleneck. I wear this in a medium and have it in black and camel, I love it so much. It’s a turtleneck without having the neck go all the way up which bothers me sometimes.

Other favorite sweaters for women over 40 to wear during fall are from brands like Everlane like this Alpaca Crew, I size down to a small. Another investment brand but definitely worth the price is always MERSEA, I am wearing the Banff Cashmere Crew in medium, and I have the black and winter colors.


I’ve always loved a classic jacket to wear during the fall and autumn seasons and can’t wait to always bring them out when the weather turns crisp.

Anything from a trench coat to a suede jacket and even a tweed jacket which is always classy and elegant for women over 40.

Here are my favorite jackets I am wearing for fall and autumn:

My favorite Sézane Scott Trench, I sized up for a roomier fit. This jacket is not only gorgeous and made with quality but you’ll feel so French wearing it around.

I bought this suede jacket in Paris last year and was worried about how much I would wear it but it’s quickly become a favorite during fall and autumn. The length is just right, and the look is so sexy and chic. I wear it with denim and the Jacob jumper, and boots during fall.

Recently, for this season I picked up the James Coat from Sézane and couldn’t be happier with this chic and elevated coat. I purchased the navy color which is always one of my favorite colors to wear. I sized down in this jacket as it’s a bit roomy. The length is great, it’s not too heavy but warm enough for cool days, and the button detail elevates the jacket.


There are so many different types of denim for fall this year but I tend to always stick with denim that I know works for my body type.

I prefer denim which helps to elongate, so a higher waisted rise, a bootcut or flare or straight leg denim, and darker shades.

Denim is always in the category of stylish pieces for women but sticks to what you know and what works. Just because a specific type of denim is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s meant for you.

Here are my favorite pairs of denim I am wearing for fall and autumn:

PAIGE Denim- The high-waisted boot cut PAIGE denim, which I always receive so many compliments on whenever I wear them. The color is perfect and the high-waisted helps to elongate the legs, which I am always trying to do for my 5′ 5 1/2 foot frame.

Another high-waisted pair that I love is the Sézane Serge Denim, I sized up in these. If you’re curious about Sézane sizing, I have a few blog posts which go over which pieces I have and the sizes I wear in each of them.

MOTHER Denim- The brand I buy the most is MOTHER Denim, the fit is always spot on, although I do have to have them shortened. I love the pocket placement, which is very important and I always know my sizing in the brand.

I also tend to go with darker denim shades as well which help to look slimming and elongating while still remaining stylish.


Trousers honestly just came on my radar for the most part last year. I’ve always worn trousers but mostly for work. It wasn’t until I went to Paris a few times and saw the women wearing trousers that I started to embrace wearing them on a regular basis and not just for work purposes.

Like my denim, I prefer my trousers to be higher-waisted with straighter legs. Some of my favorite brands I found with quality trousers are Reformation, Everlane, Sézane, and Banana Republic.

Here are my favorite pairs of trousers I am wearing for fall and autumn:

The Reformation Mason Pant has become my staple trouser, it’s such a stylish piece for women that I have them in black, khaki, and the mushroom color. I order the petite size because I don’t have to hem them as much. I love the way these trousers fit and I’ve worn them dressier with boots and a heel. I’ve also dressed them down with sneakers.

Sézane Austin Trousers are a favorite of mine, I have the black and just invested in the charcoal grey for this season. I wear them with boots and with sneakers as well.


Belts are one of my favorite accessories to wear and one I think most people forget about. The way I love to wear them most is to belt a jacket around the waist. It’s such a classy and elevated way to wear a belt. I’ll never forget one year in Paris when I chatted with a beautiful French woman wearing black trousers, a navy sweater, and a black skinny belt around her waist on the sweater. I just remember thinking about how elegant she looked.

Here are my favorite belts I am wearing for fall and autumn:

Honestly, most of my belts are from Sézane and it’s actually become quite the addiction. I just love the stylish way they design their belts. They aren’t just ordinary black or brown belt but always have some sort of interesting detail to them.

The belts I wear the most are the Jones Belt, Gaia Belt, and Artemis Belt. I also ordered this classic black leather from J.Crew which is very simple and a great everyday belt.

Stripe Button Down

A classic alternative to a white button-down is a striped button-down. You can wear them by yourself, under a sweater, or layered under a blazer. Personally, I don’t think you can ever have too many stripe tops.

Here are my favorite striped tops I am wearing for fall and autumn:

Love this one from Alex Mill, with the ruffles which add a feminine touch. I also ordered this one from J.CREW when it was on sale, apparently, I am loving ruffle detailing.

Another favorite stripes are the Tomboy from Sézane, I size up in this top. Also, the silky cotton from Everlane.


Anymore, I don’t mind paying for a good pair of boots if they are going to last and I can wear them all day long. Comfy is the key anymore, long gone are the days of buying boots for one season and never wearing them again.

Here are my favorite boots I am wearing for fall and autumn:

Rag and Bone Rover in camel suede, I size up 1/2. These are incredibly comfortable, the heel height is great for me and they go with everything. They are suede though so I make sure to clean them once a year and don’t wear them outside when it’s pouring down rain.

Loeffler Randall, this is a pair I wanted for a few years but never had the chance to get before they sold out. I was able to purchase them this year (size up 1/2).

Hopefully, this has shown you some stylish pieces for women you can wear this fall and winter seasons. These are all classic pieces you will wear for years.

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