What My 77-Year-Old Mom Packed For Paris

This December my mom and I headed to Paris for a week of holiday magic in the city of light and today I am sharing what my mom packed for Paris during this time. The last time my mom was in Paris was about 8 years ago during the early fall season.

My mom lives in Texas and in a very warm climate so she doesn’t own many winter clothes. We wanted to make sure she packed pieces she could easily mix and match and ones she could still wear a few years from now.

What My 77-Year-Old Mom Packed For Paris

A few weeks before the trip, we went shopping to find her some key pieces she was needing. She invested in a couple pairs of jeans, a wool trouser, sneakers, a few warm sweaters, and waterproof boots. You can read all about what I packed for Paris in December here.

14 items my 77 year old mom packed for Paris.

1. Toggle Coat

To stay warm yet still classic looking she packed a Grey toggle coat similar to this option from L.L. Bean.

2. J. Jill Crossbody Bag

A classic crossbody bag was all she needed to hold her daily essentials. This one from J.Jill was the perfect size for her and it wasn’t too heavy.

3. J. Jill Warm Sweater With Attached Scarf

This beautiful sweater was the perfect addition to her packing list for Paris. It has a detachable scarf which was perfect for the weather in Paris during December.

4. J. Jill Straight Leg Trousers

My mom wanted to make sure she had some classic trousers she could easily mix and match and these grey ones were perfect. Plus, they were light enough for her to wear a pair of tights underneath for extra warmth.

5. White Button-Down Top

She packed this classic button-down to wear under several sweaters as a layer.

6. J. Jill Jeans

These jeans are perfect for someone who wants to look stylish while also being comfortable in jeans. She also packed this exact style in black as well.

7. GAP Sweater Pants

My mom wore these sweater pants on the plane with a sweater and also wore them one day walking around Paris.

8. J. Jill Sweater

This beautiful green sweater was perfect with the white button-down and black jeans for a day out in Colmar.

9. GAP Sweater

She made sure to pack a classic sweater which she wore on the plane and around Paris.

10. Macy’s Waterproof Booties

A pair of waterproof booties is always a good idea for Paris in winter so these were perfect for her to pack.

11. Silk Button Down

One of her favorite tops to pack was this silk navy and white button-down. It’s so classic and timeless and my mom wore it under a navy sweater a few different days.

12. New Balance Sneakers

These sneakers were the perfect shoe for her on most days to walk around.

13. Wool Hat

For several days, she wore this timeless wool hat to keep her head warm.

14. Leather Gloves

Always a must during the colder months in Paris, are warm leather gloves.

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Accessories My Mom Packed For Paris

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  1. Lovely classic combinations. Especially love the clothes your mother chose as she is closer to my age. I was in the south of France in October and it just proved my long held feeling that French women know how to dress!

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thank you so much for your comment! There truly is something about the way French women dress and how they carry themselves, isn’t there. We tried to choose classic pieces for my mother to wear in Paris and I believe we found the right pieces. She was so happy and excited to get dressed each day.
      Have a great day,

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