Parisian Inspired Fall Wish List

Fall is right around the corner and I am so excited to start wearing all my fall clothes, today I am sharing the Parisian-inspired pieces I will be wearing for fall. Some of these are items I currently own, and a few are on my fall wish list.

As with all the outfits and pieces I choose to invest in and wear, they are always inspired by French women and the streets of Paris. I like to pick parts that are classic, timeless, and ones I can continue to wear next season as well.

Below you will find 24 Parisian-inspired pieces I will be wearing this fall. A lot of these items I picked up in Paris during our month’s stay. Several pieces are investment pieces, so if there’s a less expensive alternative, then I will list one out.

Parisian Inspired Fall Pieces I am Wearing For Fall

Parisian inspired fall pieces

1.J.Crew Crop Chambray Top

This shirt claims it stays tucked in but doesn’t have the bulk as original chambray tops. I have just ordered and hope this is the case.

2. Veronica Beard Jeans

These jeans look so chic and elevated. I love jeans with pockets on the front, they are very flattering. Plus, they are high-rise and wide leg which is my love language when it comes to denim. For a less expensive version, try these.

3. ba&sh Cardigan

During the fall, I could live in tweed jackets, cardigans, and blazers. This black and white one from ba&sh is perfect and currently in my cart. I love its chic and classic look which could easily be worn dressed up or dressed down and worn well into the winter season as well.

4. ME+EM Button-down

What could be more Parisian-inspired than a striped button-down for the fall season? I like this one from ME+EM with its large cuffs, it looks a bit more dressy, and I really love the colors of the top. Most of the stripe tops I have are white with blue stripes. This top also has a masculine look while being extremely chic at the same time. For a less expensive version, try this one.

5. Cashmere sweater

A classic cashmere sweater for fall is always a great idea. I have these in several colors and they are always great basics to have on hand. I like to dress a la Parisienne and go with a navy one and black jeans or pants. For a less expensive version, try this one.

6. zane Babies

These babies from Sézane are very Parisian and so chic. I will wear these with jeans and trousers. There’s also a higher similar version as well that I love just as much.

7. long-suit jacket

This black long-suit jacket is so chic and classic. It’s a bit different from any other black blazer I own in my closet. I would style it just like in the picture with washed-out black jeans and a white tee or sweater and black loafers. I could also wear this with some ba&sh black trousers I own from years ago. For a less expensive version, try this Spanx one.

8. Veronica Beard Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are everywhere this fall and while I don’t tend to lean into trends much, this is one I can get behind. I love the slit in this Veronica Beard and the length seems to be just right as I wouldn’t go any longer or any shorter. I would wear this with tall boots and a sweater or button down or even a T-shirt and cropped jacket.

9. Loeffler Randall Boots

I’ve owned these Loeffler Randall boots for several years now and am still so happy with this purchase. They are an investment pair but worth it in my opinion. I find it difficult to find tall boots which I absolutely love so when I do, I buy them. For a less expensive version, try these Madewell ones. For a less expensive version try these.

10. J.Crew trousers

A great classic pair of J.Crew trousers that are wide-leg and can easily be worn with boots, heels, or flats for the fall season. Nice and drapey and sometimes you can get these on sale.

11. Sézane Trench Coat

My favorite trench coat from Sézane which I wear season after season. I sized up in this to wear sweaters under, but if you want it more fitted, then size down. For a less expensive version, try this MANGO one.

12. black loafers

Finally, I found a pair of black loafers which I love. I have been searching for a few years now and just haven’t found the ones that I absolutely wanted to buy. I tried these on in Paris and immediately fell in love with them. The height is great, I didn’t want lug soles, they are classic looking and I can wear them for years. For a less expensive pair, try these from Madewell.

13. Jewelry

My jewelry is very simple but every now and then it’s nice to add a piece of jewelry that’s a bit beyond my everyday. I love the look of this necklace that I could easily mix with my everyday necklaces. Plus, it’s a decent price for the look compared to others. I also love this one as well.

14. MOTHER Black Denim

This year I wanted a washed-out pair of black denim and so I am going to try these MOTHER pair, my go-to brand.

15. White button-down

I always like to invest in white button-down tops because I know I will wear them. Love the details on this one which is elegant enough to wear with jeans or trousers. It’s different than the basic white button-down. For a less expensive version, try this one from J.Crew.

16. Celine bag

This Celine bag was my major purchase in Paris and I couldn’t love it more. I hadn’t intended on buying a bag during this trip, but a navy Celine has been on my wish list for so long. I went into Samaritaine the day they put it out and it was love at first sight.

17. James Coat

Another favorite coat I will wear during the fall is the James Coat from Sézane. This was a purchase last season and I wore it so many times. I love the navy color and the gold buttons, it’s a very elevated and chic coat.

18. Sézane sweater

Last year I wore this Sézane sweater so many times in the light beige. I tried to order it in black but it was always sold out. So, this season I’ve already gone ahead and purchased it.

19. Milo handbag

Another Sézane purchase that I will be wearing this fall is my Milo handbag. You can also see a review I wrote about the bag here.

20. ba&sh dress

I bought this ba&sh dress while in Paris and wore it so many times. It’s one of the brand’s best sellers and always sells out. I love the fact I can wear it in summer but also wear it in fall with tall boots and a leather jacket or blazer.

21. belt

One of my favorite belts which I wear all the time. I wear this belt around my waist with dresses and jackets and also with jeans and trousers. It’s incredibly versatile and chic looking.

22. Gaspard Cardigan

The Gaspard Cardigan from ba&sh is an essential piece that I own in navy and off-white. It’s so classic and timeless and looks great dressed up or dressed down. This cardigan comes in multiple colors and has become a ba&sh staple. For a less expensive version try this one from J.Crew.

23. ba&sh suit jacket

A very impromptu purchase from ba&sh on one of our last days in Paris and I am so happy with this long vest. I wore it with white denim, and blue denim, and also plan on wearing it with black for fall. And I like to wear a belt around it for an elevated look but it can also be worn open. I took an xs in this vest as it’s oversized.

24. ba&sh belt

This belt was also a last-minute purchase at ba&sh because I really don’t own any brown belts that I love. But I like the gold buckle on this one and the color. I wore it around the vest but will also wear it a lot this fall as well.

These are all the Parisian-inspired fall pieces I will be wearing on repeat. I would love to know some of the pieces you will be wearing this fall as well.

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  1. Hi Noelani,
    Have loved following your summer in Paris, and now the transition to the fall wardrobe! I am looking for a new pair of tall boots this year – do you wear yours tight to the calf or loose around the calf? I’ve seen many pics of a looser fit the last few years, wondering how you prefer yours.

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