What To Pack For A Flight To Paris

What To Pack For A Flight To Paris

Whenever I fly to Paris or on an international trip, I pack several essential items in my carry-on for the long flight. These are the items I have found to be the most useful and the ones I use during every trip. Everyone is different, but these are the ones that work for me when traveling to Paris. Of course, these are different from the other travel essentials I pack for Paris which go in my suitcase.

What To Pack For A Flight To Paris

Longchamp Bag

I purchased this Longchamp Bag spontaneously after a Paris trip last year. I was looking for a bit bigger, thicker, and lighter bag. I love my Longchamp totes, but they have always lacked a thick strap.

This Longchamp bag did the trick; the next thing I knew, it was coming home with me. I’ve started carrying it with me for traveling a bit more than the AWAY Everywhere Bag that I normally use (still a great bag option as well).

Tote Insert

This insert goes inside the Longchamp to keep things nice and organized. There are several size options you can order, but this is the one I like best for this specific bag.

Electronics Organizer

A practical way to keep all cords and charges together and not all over the place for easy access when you need to use them. Most planes have charges on them now, and I usually always end up charging my phone and watch on the plane, so it’s nice to find these cords easily.

MERSEA Travel Wrap

This cashmere wrap always goes with me for international travel to Paris. It helps to keep me warm on the plane, which is usually cold.

Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

A necessity for a long flight is canceling headphones. I’ve had these for years and they’ve always worked great on my flights to Paris.

Truffle Jetset Case

I like to carry this case in my carry-on with my toothpaste, toothbrush, eye cream, and a few other items to refresh when I land. For a budget-friendly option, see these from Amazon.

MARVIS Toothpaste

I love this convenient and tasty travel-size toothpaste. Any toothpaste will work, but I prefer this one.

Travel Toothbrush

This travel toothbrush is the perfect size and goes with me especially during long international flights. I like to brush my teeth several times on the plane before landing, especially when flying overnight.


My husband purchased these for all of us and they are amazing. Basically, you plug this into the headphone jack on the plane, and it allows you to connect via Bluetooth to your own headphones. No more having to wear airline headphones. It’s very easy to use and compact to carry.


I always pack my Kindle for a flight to Paris or international travel for when I want to read.

Mason Pearson Brush

My hair stylist told me years ago never to pack my Mason Pearson Brush because one time, her suitcase was lost, and so was her brush. So, I always try to carry this with me on the plane. Plus, it’s useful when we land, and I can refresh my hair.

Mason Pearson Comb

Since, I am carrying the brush with me, I always carry the comb as well for obvious reasons.

Cuyana Leather Pouch

This leather pouch is my carryall and holds things like my small card case, lipstick, chapstick, extra change, hand cream, pen, and other various small items.

Slip Eyelash Sleep Mask

When I need to sleep on the plane, this eye mask is great for keeping light out. This one is great for anyone who has eyelash extensions.

Klorane Eye Patches

My tried and true eye patches to help with puffiness and tired eyes. Leave them on for around 10-15 minutes and you feel refreshed.


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