10 Pieces I Always Pack For Paris

10 Pieces I Always Pack For Paris

One of the best parts about traveling to Paris during any season is packing and putting outfits together. There are 10 pieces I always pack for Paris during any season and for every trip. These are considered the hero pieces of my French wardrobe.

When I pack for Paris, I aim to always look chic like the locals. French women are my biggest Fashion influence, so I take my dressing cues from them and stick to French wardrobe classics.

I always pack these 10 pieces for Paris, regardless of season. Of course, I always take into consideration the weather and fabric choices. And I always pack to look more like a local with neutral color palettes and classic pieces.

10 Pieces To Pack For Paris

  • Blazer
  • Button Down Blouse
  • Layering Pieces
  • Denim
  • Trousers
  • Knitwear
  • Trench Coat
  • Longchamp Tote
  • Scarves


Woman wearing black blazer and denim walking in Paris.

A blazer is the one piece of clothing I couldn’t live without in my wardrobe. Not only are blazers chic and timeless, but they are simple and easy to wear. You don’t have to put much thought into your outfit and still look stylish.

My favorite way to wear blazers is with a T-shirt, jeans, and flats. In the spring and summer, stick with lightweight blazer options like linen or cotton. In the fall and winter, go with warmer fabrics like wool.

Stick with neutral colors like navy, black, camel, and white to blend in like a local in Paris. My favorite blazer options are the Christie from Sézane, the Willa from J.Crew, the Miller from Veronica Beard, and the Khloe Ruched Blazer from Cinq à Sept.


Button Down Blouse

A button-down blouse is timeless and always classic. It’s the one piece of clothing I always reach for when I don’t know what to wear. You can wear a button-down blouse with jeans or trousers, sandals or sneakers.

In the warmer months, one of my favorite ways to wear a button-down blouse is with jeans, sandals, and a market bag. I wear a button-down with trousers, sneakers, and a jacket or sweater during the cooler months.

My favorite button-downs are from Frank and Eileen and Alex Mill. For more budget-friendly options, try this one from J.Crew or GAP.


Layering Pieces

The weather in Paris can change instantly, so I always go prepared with different layering options, even in the summer months. I always pack a few camis, t-shirts, and, in the winter, some long-sleeve T-shirts.

I use these pieces to layer under blazers, sweaters, cardigans, and jackets to stay warm. Trust me on this one; you want a few layering pieces.



Showing sandal, one of the best walking shoes for Paris.

I pack two specific denim styles for Paris: a straight-leg pair and a wide-leg or flare pair. The straight legs are easy to wear with flats and boots, and the wide legs are easy to wear with sneakers and boots.

During the warmer months, I will pack a pair of cropped straight-leg denim in a lighter blue.

My favorite denim pieces are the J.Crew Skinny Flare, Mother Roller, AGOLDE Straight Leg, and PAIGE Laurel Canyon.



When I don’t feel like wearing denim or want to dress up more, I wear trousers in Paris, so I always pack at least one pair. The styles I tend to pack repeatedly are those from J. Crew and the Mason Pants from Reformation.



Along with layering pieces, I also packed at least one piece of knitwear for my trip to Paris. I get cold easily, so the sweater always comes in handy on planes or in restaurants. The Sézane Gaspard is always a classic option, as is a cashmere crewneck or cotton cardigan.

This is where I also tend to incorporate some sort of stripe as well, which is also a classic French wardrobe basic.


Trench Coat

Woman wearing trench coat the French Way.

A trench coat is an ultimate French girl staple to always pack for Paris. It is not only stylish but also functional and practical. I will pack my favorite Scott Trench from Sézane in fall and spring or this beautiful navy pleated option from Sandro.

Shorter trench coats are also an option for the warmer months. Mornings and evenings are fantastic, so a shorter trench will still help keep you warm while looking chic and Parisian.



Sneakers are a must for any trip to Paris, as they allow you to walk along the cobblestone streets. My days are usually spent walking miles through the city, so a comfortable pair of shoes is always a necessity.

My preferred shoe styles for walking in Paris are Veja, New Balance, and Adidas. I have worn each of these shoe styles on multiple trips over the years, and they are always comfortable and stylish.

Nowadays, everyone in Paris wears sneakers, so you fit in with the Parisians. I wear my sneakers with jeans, trousers, dresses, and skirts.


Longchamp Tote

Sneakers in Paris

One bag I always take along is my Longchamp Tote, and usually one other crossbody. A Longchamp is practical and functional in Paris for many reasons. It is made of Nylon, so it is lightweight, and you can easily wipe it off if it gets dirty.



An easy way to accessorize and look chic is with a scarf. I always pack several scarves to wear in Paris. What better way to look French? They are functional during the cooler months and perfect for any outfit.

I’ve also bought several scarves in Paris at various flea markets and treated myself to a Hermēs scarf once or twice.


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