How We Spend Sunday Mornings In Paris

Sunday Mornings In Paris

Sunday mornings in Paris are our favorite day of the week around here and for good reason. It’s the day we literally transport ourselves to Paris and the city of light.

I am always trying to come up with ways to have that feeling of being in Paris and living that French lifestyle. This was a tradition we started last year after coming home from Paris and waking up having that longing feeling to be back in the city having croissants.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know every Sunday, I post a picture of our Sunday morning coffee and croissants. I thought it was time I shared exactly what we do.

How To Get To Paris On Sunday Morning

What better way to start Sunday mornings in Paris than with coffee and croissants? Everyone wakes up on Sundays excited and ready for a morning full of Parisian inspiration.

We bake the croissants, make a French Press, turn on our favorite French playlist and all sit at the table enjoying a wonderful and relaxing morning in Paris.

It’s easy to do, you only need a few simple things and you too can also take yourself to Paris on Sunday mornings.

What Items To Have

Of course, Fresh croissants are the best option but with most bakeries closed on Sunday, we opt for frozen. I like to buy Chocolate and Mini Croissants from Trader Joe’s. They are easy to make and taste pretty good for being frozen.

The only downside to the chocolate croissants is they have to be put out the night before to rise. So, if you forget that step then there won’t be any chocolate croissants on Sunday morning. To go with the croissants we have our favorite Bonne Maman Jam in several different flavors.

Sunday is the one day we really like to enjoy a French Press with our croissants because we have time to sit and relax and enjoy a longer breakfast than most days.

I use this French Press with espresso beans and this kettle to boil the water. I’ve heard a good French Press takes about 4-5 minutes to steep before pouring in the water.

Another touch I add to the coffee is pouring the cream into a little creamer and serving with a cup, saucer, and a little antique spoon. It truly helps to set the mood of being in Paris and is so simple to do.

To keep the croissants warm while the others are baking, I always put them in a bread basket and wrap them in one of my French towels which I picked up in Provence.

10 kitchen items to use when having croissants. French Press, Trader Joes Croissants, Bread Basket, Cup and Saucer.

1. Nespresso Machine

If you don’t have a French Press, use another espresso maker like this Nespresso or use any coffee maker you have.

2. Bodum French Press

My favorite French Press is this Bodum one that works well and is affordable.

3. Electric Kettle

I use this Gooseneck Electric Kettle to boil the water for the French Press. I also use this to make tea as well. It heats up fast and doesn’t leak all over the place, it looks pretty on the counter.

4. Cup and Saucer

These are the cup and saucer sets from Crate and Barrel we like to use for our coffee. Simple and under $6.

5. Antique Spoons

You can pick up some beautiful vintage spoons from ETSY like these. I love my French spoons and think they add such a beautiful touch.

6. Creamer

Another little touch I like to add is using a simple creamer to put the cream in. You can pick up cheap ones from a thrift store or places like Target, Amazon, or Williams Sonoma.

7. Bread Basket

After the croissants have finished cooking, you will want to keep them warm. Make sure you have a bread basket on hand or pick one up from the thrift store, Amazon, or Target.

8. Tea Towel

I always place a towel in the bread basket and then cover the croissants. I picked up several towels like this in France last summer but you can also get them on Amazon as well.

9. Trader Joe’s Croissants

We love the chocolate and mini croissants but they also have Almond ones as well.

10. Bonne Maman Jam

There wouldn’t be French croissants without a little Bonne Maman Jam. Pick up your favorite flavor, we love Strawberry, Four Fruits, and Cherry.

I would love to know if this is a tradition you start yourself or what kind of ways you transport yourself to Paris as well, l would love to know.

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  1. What a lovely tradition! We share this same tradition, but for our family we enjoy croissants Saturday morning and for my husband and myself, with a cappuccino. After seeing your posts of bringing Paris to your home on Sunday mornings, I tried the Trader Joe’s pain au chocolat, as well as their almond croissants and they are a huge hit with my family! I love your chic touch with the French linens, as well as the French playlist!

    1. Bonjour Yvonne-
      I love hearing others are also enjoying this tradition. It’s such a wonderful way to transport to Paris. So happy you like the croissants, they are a big hit over here as well. Have a great day. xo-Noelani

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